GreenSpirit Annual Gathering 2014


Letting in the Wild Edges



Friday 7th November - Sunday 9th November 2014

At EarthSpirit, Dundon, Somerton, Somerset. TA11 6PE


Letting in the wild edges is fundamental to the reshaping of humanity´s relationship with the Earth, as we explore how we can truly integrate our growing consciousness of the unity of all life into our everyday lives. Glennie Kindred will introduce fresh ways of thinking that will guide us to a new place of union and open hearted connection with all of life. On the Saturday she will give us a talk and lead us in a practical activity. She will gently and lovingly encourage us to be open to the wild edges of our being, and to our relationship with the native plants and trees of our land, inspiring us to move forwards in new and exciting ways. Glennie will also be with us over the weekend and will join with us in some of our other activities during the weekend.


Main Speaker - Glennie Kindred

Glennie Kindred is the author of eleven books on Earth Wisdom, native plants and trees and celebrating the Earths cycles. She inspires people to engage with the natural world and conveys the vision that we can create positive change both for the Earth and ourselves. Her books have inspired many GreenSpirit members.

Letting in the Wild Edges


All food during the weekend will be vegetarian and mainly organic.

The weekend will start at the evening meal on the Friday and will end after lunch on the Sunday. During the weekend we will also have a chance to connect with each other and the natural world with music, small groups, creative activities, meditations, a walk, ritual, the AGM and making our own entertainment on the Saturday evening.