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Vincent Tilsley wrote more than a hundred TV scripts during his 20 years as a professional writer, for such productions as: ATV 's cult series The Prisoner; Z Cars, Doctor Finlay's Casebook and The Forsyte Saga for the BBC (receiving Writers Guild of Great Britain team awards for both Finlay and Forsyte); Manhunt for London Weekend TV, for which company he also wrote The Death of Adolf Hitler and co-created (with Rex Firkin) the series The Guardians. Vincent also acted for some time as a Story Editor for the BBC, most notably on the Sunday Play drama series back in the 60's with John (A for Andromeda) Elliot as the producer. For these and many other contributions he received the Presidents Award from the Writers Guild for outstanding services to the Guild and to the craft of writing.

How he then came to change careers, to qualify and practise as a psychotherapist, and then after another twenty years come back to writing with Holy Night - his biggest work yet - is all explained in the following article.

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