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GreenSpirit Annual Gathering

Restoring Balance: Learning from Nature

13th - 15th October 2017

At Holland House, Main Street, Cropthorne, Pershore, WR10 3NB

Main speaker: Nicola Peel.

Nicola Peel has been working for most of her adult life on finding solutions. Since 2000 she has been working in the Ecuadorean Amazon. She travelled from the headwaters in Ecuador down the Amazon River to Brazil researching the effects of the oil industry on the environment and indigenous people who live there. Looking for solutions to help the people she met, she co-founded The Amazon Mycorenewal Project (using fungi to clean up contaminated sites), built rainwater systems for families drinking contaminated water and she has also initiated the clean-up of villages using eco-bricks (empty plastic bottles filled with rubbish). Nicola built the first ecological restaurant in the Amazon (built from 3,200 eco-bricks) and the first place to serve local coffee. Find out more at:

At our Annual Gathering “Working with Nature” Nicola will tell us aboutsome of the many incredible projects that she has worked on in the Amazon. She will explain how we can learn from nature to produce solutions to help both people and the environment through biomimicry. The intention is that this will re-invigorate us to find more ways of living in harmony with the Earth and help us to develop solutions for some of the problems that face the planet now.

As well as a talk, Nicola will facilitate a Workshop deepening our engagement with the elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) through movement and meditation and challenge us to learn from the elements and identify with them in practical ways. We will be able to give our individual responses and hopefully we will each come away with more ways in which we can make a significant difference in the world.

All food during the weekend will be vegetarian.

The weekend will start at the evening meal on the Friday and will end after lunch on the Sunday. During the weekend we will also have a chance to connect with each other and the natural world with music, small groups, creative activities, meditations, some walking, ritual, the AGM and making our own entertainment on the Saturday evening.

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Plant Consciousness 2017


Our disconnect from the natural and primal worlds has led to the disastrous situation that we now find ourselves in on planet Earth, yet our deep feelings for nature form part of our spiritual longing. Plant Consciousness explores the higher intelligence of nature, how to connect and learn from it and why it is essential for the development of consciousness and the well-being of the planet that we do.

Many different cultures and traditions work with plants for psycho-spiritual transformation, they understand the need to heal our fragmented psyche, which holds us back from realising our potential and knowing our true holistic self. Bridging two continents, Plant Consciousness 2017 will demonstrate how plants of the Americas and the British Isles have been co-creatively worked with over millennia for healing.

Bringing together the values of shamanism, herbalism, plant neurobiology, deep-ecology and eco-psychology, Plant Consciousness is a carefully designed weekend of in-depth teachings, interactive practical exercises and live music to take you on a magical journey into the conscious energetic world of plants. This journey will be held in sacred space by us and the amazing healers and shamans that we are working with this year to help you discover a deeper understanding of plants and of your place in the biosphere of life on this planet.


Tonita Gonzalez - Curandera (Traditional Healer). From New Mexico. The Sacred Energy Of Indigenous Plants In Mexica Medicine

Dr Rocío Alarcón - Ethnobotanist, Ethnopharmacologist & Healer. From Ecuador. The Energetic Exchange Between Plants & Humans. How Plants Can Adapt & Transform Both Themselves & Humans In Different Habitats & Cultures

Dr Andy Letcher- Author of 'Shroom', Researcher & Folk Musician. From UK. From ‘Magic Mushroom’ to ‘Power Plant’: transformative journeys with the Liberty Cap

Sisa - Kichwa Curendara (Healer) & Tobaquera (Sacred Tobacco Shaman). From Amazonian Ecuador. Guayusa & It´s Role In Kichwa Shamanism

Anthar Kharana - Medicine Man, Guardian Of Traditions & Medicines Of The Americas, Musician. From Colombia. Mambe & Ambil - The Four Doors Of Tobacco To Unveil Our Sacred Origins

Nathaniel Hughes - Herbalist, Author of Intuitive Herbalism & Weeds In The Heart. From UK. Finding The Golden Thread - Weeds As Allies In Healing Trauma

Nikki Darrell & Alex Duffy - Herbalist & Phytotherapist / 'Fear Feasa' (Irish Healer). From Ireland. Coming Home To Our Indigenous Place In Nature

Kurikindi - Kichwa Shaman. From Amazonian Ecuador. How The Conscious Intelligence of Plants Can Transform Our Individual & Collective Consciousness

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GreenSpirit in association with the Institute for Theological Partnerships of Winchester University presents:

A Conference on the Universe Story

29th June - 1st July 2018

At Winchester University

Keynote speaker: Brian Swimme - (by video link)

Plus more speakers, activities and group discussions.

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