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Key Books Produced by GreenSpirit




GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness by Marian Van Eyk McCain (Ed)

Only by understanding the Universe as a vast, holistic system and Earth as a unit within it can we help restore balance to that unit.

Only by placing Earth and its ecosystems – about which we now understand so much – at the centre of all our thinking can we avert ecological disaster

Only by bringing our thinking back into balance with feeling, intuition and awareness and by grounding ourselves in a sense of the sacred in all things can we achieve a new level of consciousness.

Green spirituality is the key to a new, twenty-first century consciousness. And this book is the most comprehensive ever written on green spirituality.

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Meditations with Thomas Berry

With additional material by Brian Swimme

Selected by June Raymond

Selected and arranged by June Raymond, especially for GreenSpirit Books, this is a collection of profound and inspiring quotations from one of the most important voices of our times, the late Thomas Berry, author, theologian, cultural historian and lover of the Earth.

June Raymond who is a Sister of Notre Dame read English at Oxford and is a long-standing member of the GreenSpirit Council. She lives in the north of England.

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What is Green Spirituality? by Marian Van Eyk McCain (Ed)

Introductory book in a series on green spirituality, describing and beautifully illustrating the basic concepts and expressions of a spiritual attitude becoming increasingly apparent in today's world. It's the attitude that offers us our best chance of solving our current planetary dilemmas. Subsequent ebooks in this series show all the ways these green spiritual ideas can be applied in our lives.

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All Our Relations: GreenSpirit Connections With the More-Than-Human World by Marian Van Eyk McCain (Ed)

A book that celebrates and honours our relationships with all those other life forms who share our Earth. How we treat these 'fellow-travellers,' how we perceive them and interact with them–and the extent to which we love and respect them–is a measure of our humanity and our spiritual evolution. The greater our appreciation for them, the more they teach us and the more joy they bring to our lives.

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The Universe Story in Science and Myth by Greg Morter and Niamh Brennan

Everyone has a life story. Cultures too have stories about how the world and its creatures came into being. We call those 'mere myths' but had nothing to put in their place until science gave us the true story of our Earth. This book retells that awesome story, the span of which covers billions of years of evolution, and considers its implications for the future development of human consciousness.

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Rivers of Green Wisdom by Santoshan (Stephen Wollaston)

In ‘Rivers of Green Wisdom’ the author shares personal reflections on Christian, Yogic and Earth centred wisdom and key stages encountered on his own spiritual journey. The book unveils central teachings about the sacredness of Earth and Nature and covers both past and present understanding about our interdependent relationship with the natural world, and how various teachers have looked for east-west fusions for deeper and more responsible living.

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Pathways of Green Wisdom edited by Santoshan (Stephen Wollaston)

‘Pathways of Green Wisdom’ brings together numerous reflective and informative pieces by contributors to GreenSpirit magazine spanning a period of 11 years, along with especially written new material. It will make an essential addition to any eco-conscious reader’s library on green spirituality and religion. Contributors include progressive and insightful writers from scientific, educationist and eco-activist backgrounds. Each offers a place for eco-spiritual readers to draw some nourishment and appreciate numerous Earth centred teachings. The material presented is for sharing a deeper understanding of different traditions and enriching dimensions of green spirituality. It is hoped that readers will enjoy drawing from the deep springs of green wisdom shared in this book and find numerous practical ways to engage with them in their daily lives.

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Deep Green Living edited by Marian Van Eyk McCain

Beyond simply living green there is an even more radical way to live. And that is to understand, with your entire mind and body and soul, that you are not simply ‘on’ the planet, you are an intrinsic part of the planet.

When you can truly know and feel yourself not as something separate from the Earth, but as a living part of a greater living organism, a cell in the body of that great living organism that many of us like to call Gaia, you touch into an even deeper level of awareness.

Deep green living is not only to know and understand that, but to live your entire life out of that humble knowing. It is the path of sustainability, spirituality, a sense of permanent and eternal belonging and of deep, abiding joy.

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The Rising Water Project compiled by Ian Mowll

Many of us have heard about the science of climate change. How climate change brings with it turbulent weather conditions, particularly flooding. But what can we do about this? And how can we inspire change?

This project is about hearing people’s personal stories of flooding produced by turbulent weather conditions. And how, by listening to people’s experiences, we become aware that the problem of climate change is immediate, affecting us today.

Also, by listening to people’s positive experiences of downshifting, we can learn that combating climate change can be a rewarding experience, leading to a more fulfilled life. This is because downshifting (reducing our income or circumstances to a lifestyle that is more fulfilling) can result in reduced carbon emissions and therefore a lifestyle that has less impact on the climate.  

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Relevant books produced or written by members of GreenSpirit



Downshifting Made Easy: How to plan for your planet-friendly future by Marian Van Eyk McCain

Why are millions of people starting to move towards a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle ?

If you, too, are to join this worldwide effort to create a different sort of world, when should you start? How should you set about it? Where might you do it? And to whom can you turn for advice and guidance? This easy-to-read guidebook, by an author who undertook a similar journey, aims to answer all these questions and more. 

There are many books of practical ideas for green living. But this one goes to the heart of the matter by looking at who you are, what your needs are and how you can create your custom-made plan for a lifestyle perfectly adapted to the coming ‘Age of Sustainability.’





Spirituality Unveiled: Awakening to Creative Life by Santoshan (Stephen Wolllaston). Foreword by Ian Mowll

‘Spirituality Unveiled’ puts forward a succinct and compelling synthesis of numerous spiritual traditions. Whilst weaving together insights from contemporary and past masters of spirituality, along with holistic and Earth-centred wisdom, it beautifully highlights teachings about the essentials of creative unfoldment. ‘Spirituality Unveiled’ invites readers to join in the important search to find a healthy interaction with life. Key areas include the power of creativity, the effects of positive and negative actions, and harmonious living with the natural world.

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Planet as Self by Sky McCain

Collectively, our institutions are slowly destroying life on our planet and many of us feel helplessness and despair as we witness ecocide all around us. We want to act. But first we must understand why it is that so many people seem to care so little about the planet’s health. Perhaps it is because age-old, limiting and often damaging cultural beliefs are passed down unexamined. These beliefs blind us to the astonishing and enlightening discoveries of modern science and to a full awareness of our embeddedness in Nature. We and all planetary life are the sensory inputs and outputs of a planetary consciousness. Gaia is not ‘out there’. We and all Earthlings are the planet. Once we fully recognize ourselves as securely embodied in the fabric of this great being – planet Earth – our hearts and minds will shift into a loving relationship with the true ‘ground of our being’.

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The Lilypad List by Marian McCain
With 11 black and white illustrations by Australian artist Iris Hill

This is an inspirational and beautifully crafted little book, written by a psychotherapist who has personally explored many different forms of simple living. Through a skilful blend of explanations, poetic musings, humorous anecdotes and self-help exercises, she leads the reader towards a deeper understanding of the principles of simplicity and the creation of an individually-tailored plan of action. The book also includes other useful resources for the would-be simplifier.

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Holy Night by Vincent Tilsley

Holy Night is a blending of an old mystery with a new one, the ancient tale of God's nativity on Earth but within modern cosmology's view of our planet as just one tiny dot in a colossal universe that emerged billions of years before the Bethlehem event. The result is a science fiction drama which quickly widens to include a cosmic power struggle, above and below. Beginning in the "Star" which hovers over Bethlehem, it develops into a confrontation between a God and a Satan who look disconcertingly like each other. The outcome is startling.

The following titles are available as free downloads in pdf format

What is Creation Centred Spirituality? by Grace Blindell
Walking the Sacred Story. A New Ritual for Celebrating the Universe by Erna and Michael Colebrook
The Green Mantle of Romanticism by Christine Avery and Michael Colebrook
How Things Come To Be by Michael Colebrook
Earthsong by Erna and Michael Colebrook


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The Living Universe by Duane Elgin
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