Contributing to the GreenSpirit Magazine



Most of the GreenSpirit magazine contents are commissioned, therefore we do not accept unsolicited submissions. However we do occasionally announce a future theme and invite people to submit something for that issue. If you wish to do that, you must email the relevant editor first, with your idea (click here for the schedule). If you get the go-ahead, please send in your submission as soon as it is ready and before the deadline stipulated by the editor. Submissions should not exceed 1500 words except by arrangement with an editor. We cannot guarantee inclusion as we generally get more material than we need for each magazine.

Your submission may be articles, pictures, book reviews, poems – as long as it is relevant to the aims and concerns of GreenSpirit, seems likely to be of interest to the readership and fits with the theme of the upcoming magazine. Any submission may need to be edited and the Editor’s decision is final. Please be sure to read the style guidelines carefully (see below) before submitting an article.

Since GreenSpirit is a charity, we cannot offer fees but we do provide contributors with a free copy of the magazine in which their work appears (or an extra copy in the case of GreenSpirit members).


Important notice re submissions

By submitting material to GreenSpirit for publication in one of our formats, (e.g. magazine, ebook, printed anthology, website, podcast...) the author is automatically granting us permission to re-use it and/or to publish it in one or more of the other formats as well (or instead).

(This is just to save us having to ask for permission again in the future if we want to re-use something we’ve already published, e.g. to include a previous article in an anthology.) Copyright always remains with the author, who is completely at liberty to publish it elsewhere.


Standards for the preparation of texts and illustrations

TEXTS Soft Copies – the preferred format is .doc (Word) or .rtf (Recent Word users, please avoid .docx). Please do not send pdf files as these can cause formatting problems. Text formatting should be kept to an absolute minimum. (For example, please don’t use all caps for your headings/sub-headings. And please don’t use Word’s automatic referencing or headers/footers) Email submissions  are preferred. Hard Copies – If you have no access to email, we will accept paper copies as long as they are typed (no hand-written submissions please). Typescripts will be copied by scanning so please send clear copies and avoid underlining and any marking of the texts. In order to be scanned successfully photocopies have to be of good quality and preferably on white paper.


Conventions for the preparation of texts

‡ No tab or spaces at start of paragraphs


‡ Single spaces between sentences


But there a darker note emerged in his address.He hoped there was not malicious fairy had been forgotten and coming uninvited should curse the children, ‘You two brats will grow up politicians; your every thought and act shall have an arrière-pensée; everything you shall determine shall not be for its own sake or on its own merits but because of something else.’
‘If this should happen, then the best that could befall – and that is how it may turn out – would be for the children to fall into eternal slumber, never to be heard of again in the courts and markets of mankind.’
The World Bank should have been modelled on an institution like the Bank of England ‘where the separation of management and ownership permits a more socialised view of the enterprise’s goals.’6
Many millions of people now protesting all over the world would be glad if these institutions fell into ‘eternal slumber’. The World Bank is now not only a Bank but also a Development Agency, so inevitably politics and economics are here inextricably interlinked.

6. Charles Hession. John Maynard Keynes (Macmillan 1984), pp. 353-5.

‡ Only foreign words, titles and your emphases in italics. Please check accents


‡ n – dash

‡ Single quotes are, in general, preferred – except for direct speech

‡ Full stop, end quote, superscript reference. In this order. Or end quote, full stop, superscript reference if appropriate


Book References
Author, full stop, title in Italics (Publisher, date) comma, page ref. full stop
Author, full stop, title in upright (Journal name in Italics, Volume no. or date) comma, page ref, full stop




Soft Copies – Please send all illustrations as high quality jpgs. As a rough rule of thumb a jpg file of a 10x15cm photo should not be less than 200Kb. Scanned illustrations should be scanned at definitely not less than 200 pixels per inch. 300 dpi is even better.

Hard Copies – All illustrations will be copied on an ordinary scanner, so preferably should not be larger than A4. Reasonable quality line drawings and other forms of art work are acceptable as are sharp photographs and good quality photocopies.

All Illustrations – Except for the outside and inside cover graphics, all the text illustrations are reproduced in black and white or shades of grey. If you submit colour illustrations they will be reduced to shades of grey and this should be considered in selecting suitable pictures; clarity and good contrast are the key factors. Contrast and sharpness can be enhanced in the editing process but there are limits to what can be achieved.

Hard copies will be returned if requested, but only after the journal has been printed (and only if you sent a correctly stamped, self-addressed envelope when you submitted them). However, we cannot accept responsibility for the loss of hard copies as this may be beyond our control (e.g. copies lost in the post).