14 GreenSpiriters met at Cae Mabon in Snowdonia for GreenSpirit’s annual Wild Week in Wales.

During the week we had time to share, have meditations, explore the suroundings, swim in the lake and then warm up in the hot tub and just ‘be’ in this peaceful setting. We also had  sessions with a Joanna Macy Truth Mandala, singing in rounds and circle dance.

Here is the view of the nearby lake Llyn Padarn.


A few of us went for a tea and coffee at the nearby cafe…


We met this lady on the way…


Ciaran and Hélène joined us. They have both completed a 10 week course at ‘An Tairseach’ a Dominican Farm and Ecology Centre in Ireland. The course was entitled ‘Exploring Spirituality in the context of an evolving universe, an endangered earth and the Christian tradition’. With content drawn from Thomas Berry and others, the course has a good deal in common with GreenSpirit.


All of the meals which we prepared ourselves were delicious…We wondered whether we should rename the week ‘The Gourmet Week in Wales’…


We spent some evenings inside the Celtic Roundhouse around a fire, drumming, chanting, singing and storytelling.


We stayed in a variety of structures. This is the Cob Cottage.


For our closing ritual an evolving planet Earth was suspended in mid-air, supported by 7 threads representing different stages of the evolving Universe. Below there was a candle with galactic arms reaching out. At the end of the ritual we each lit one of the candles and offered a sentence of thanks and gratitude.


For the last meal, we created this centre-piece. We wondered whether it was the tallest table centre-piece ever created…


On the last evening, we all donned hats that had been made during the week. We then went down to the lake on a path lit-up by candles that we had put in jars. We then threw our hats out onto the lake, each with an invocation.


This was a wonderful week of community, sharing and creativity and more. A truly stimulating and refreshing time.