The P.E.A. Awards (People, Environment, Achievement) – the biggest green awards in the UK – was held in Brighton on the evening of Friday 7th October.

We started the evening off being entertained by 3 musicians – some people joined in with dancing.


We then went onto the BAi360 – a circular ‘cable car’ which lifted us up 450 feet to give a bird’s eye view of Brighton.


And then onto the awards themselves. You can see the short list of entrants here:

Jarvis Smith, the founder of the P.E.A. Awards said: “Our award categories represent the pillars required by a functional society. When they’re done well, we won’t just survive – we’ll thrive. We used four criteria: Innovation, Inspiration, Success and Scalability.”

There was a wonderful collection of individuals, groups and organisations all committed to making the world a better place. You can see the winners here:

And here are just 3 of them to give you a taste:

The Arts, Fashion, Film, Music Award had 2 winners, one of whom was Nessie Reid who lived with two cows for five days in a temporary ‘Milking Parlour’ in Bristol, to explore the current state of farming and its environmental impact.


In the category of Britain’s Greenest family, the prize went to Justin and Chanel Cornelius of the 918 Coffee Company, the family business designed and built a roaster powered by the energy in used coffee grounds, turning a waste product into an asset.


The Transport Award went to Big Lemon’s buses and coaches, which run on biodiesel made from waste cooking oil collected from local restaurants, chip shops and hotels.


And on the theme of being different to make a difference, during a break, we had a performance artist making ethereal sounds – wonderful!


The whole evening was like a hearty vegetarian stew where we were nourished with all of the positive stories we heard and it was spiced up with good entertainment. I had a great time and came away feeling encouraged that so many good things are happening in the UK.

And the future? Nominations are already open for 2017:

Why not nominate someone, a group or organisation you know who is helping to make the world a better place?


Ian Mowll
October 2016