Paths that change direction as you walk, mysterious green mists, friendly and not so friendly nature spirits, magical inscriptions, brambles that smother your path, eyes that follow you everywhere you go. Protected only by special herbs, Jack and his sister Ruby face all of these and other dangers in their quest to find the Elves’ Cure. But are they prepared for the greatest evil of them all, the shape-shifter?

One of our GreenSpirit members, Sarah Hillyer, has written a delightful little book for children. It features a young brother and sister who, following a powerful dream by the little boy, in which he meets an ancient Druid, venture into the woods and into an enchanted world of myth and magic, replete with elves and fairies, sprites and trolls, a friendly dragon and some much less friendly entities.

As usual in fantasy stories, this is a classic battle between good and evil in which good eventually triumphs, sometimes over seemingly impossible odds and with many heart-stopping moments along the way. But in this case, the evil is the damage that humans have done to the Earth and the good is a green, planet-loving consciousness.

Since Sarah is a herbalist, healing herbs are a key theme of the book and there is factual information about the healing properties of some of our common wild plants threaded through the story.

I was particularly enchanted by artist Patrinia Oolana’s beautiful illustrations that make this little book into a thing of beauty as well as an exciting tale.

If you would like to buy a copy, please email Sarah at: sarahtheherbalist(at) or telephone her on 02392 594430.  £10 per copy plus postage.

A donation of every book sold will be gifted to the Sustainability Centre. The Centre sits in the heart of Hampshire’s South Downs National Park. This charity is a learning and residential centre for schools and adults and showcases practical solutions to inspire and enable people to become the planet protectors and change makers that our world needs.