Greenspirit Pamphlet No. 5. pp.44.

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Reviewed by Regan von Schweitzer

The ‘sacred story’ referred to in the title is the awe-inspiring story of our Universe from the so called Big Bang to the present day, as revealed by modern science. In this booklet, Erna and Michael Colebrook invite us to literally walk this story in our imaginations, by scaling the 14 billion years of our still-expanding universe to a human walk of 1.4 kilometres (just over one mile). They refer to it as a Creation Story for our time – a ‘ritual for the Third Millennium’.

It is envisaged that the walk takes place in a small group with a facilitator/narrator – who could be anyone with this small book in their possession! Thus it would be ideal for a GreenSpirit Local Group, a storytelling group, or a church group – indeed, any group that is open to the experience. It could also be used by an individual as a meditative experience. To get the full power of this sacred story it’s best that it is walked, to ground it in the here and now of Mother Earth and to really feel the full benefit of the incredible time scale.

Erna and Michael have helpfully given the story in 31 separate stages, with the corresponding number of steps to be walked at each stage. They also suggest that song, dance, poetry etc be used at some or all of the stages to refer to the events described, though they recommend that the actual steps are walked in silence to allow the experience to become internalised. As they say: ‘The cosmic time walk has the potential to become a beautiful ritual for everyone on the planet, not only binding all humanity and all life on Earth, but the whole universe into a glorious celebration’.