Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2014

Hbk, 432 pp

ISBN: 978-1-848191730

Reviewed by June Raymond


Clare Harvey writes that Dr Bach told her grandmother that though his essences were complete in themselves in the future there would be the need for essences from all over the world. Over the last 30 or so years there has been a worldwide explosion of new essences so that from the first 28 discovered by Dr Bach there are now literally thousands. In this compilation the writer has collected over 3,000 essences and combination remedies and listed them by continent and producer with the explanations and applications provided by their suppliers. Each section has its own introduction and the whole provides a very comprehensive reference book.

At the beginning there are nine useful chapters on Vibrational healing in general and flower remedy healing in particular and at the end of the book there are sections on remedies for children, for animals, and one on crystal and gem essences. There is also an appendix including an ailment chart and a list of useful addresses of suppliers. The difficult subject of the different potencies of the remedies and how these may affect the way the individual essences are prescribed has not been included. However because of the very different ways in which the remedies are made and potentised this is surely a topic which will need further exploration. One quibble, while it would be impossible to avoid omissions I was surprised at some, particularly that there was no mention of Julian Barnard’s excellent and invaluable Bach Five Flower Creams, whereas newer creams from far flung places were included

The author points out that we live in an age in which at every level we are bombarded with toxins and stresses which threaten our physical, mental and spiritual health as never before and an understanding of the energy body which is first affected by these stresses is of the utmost importance. That we should have balanced and healthy energy fields is now known to be essential to our general health and flower remedies provide a safe and powerful form of healing, working especially at the important emotional and spiritual levels. Because the art and science of making and prescribing flower remedies is so young we are all beginners and it is good that there is widespread exploration and in this respect this guide fills an important need. My own practice is in many ways different from Clare Harvey’s and every practitioner will develop theirs in a way most suited to them. There is room for all and it can only be good that the subject is being continually examined and expanded so this remarkable book with its vast body of information is hugely welcome as we make our journey towards greater clarity and understanding.