Wyndham Hall Press, 2014

ISBN 978-1-55605-460-0

Review by Ian Mowll


This ebook is about the Universe Story (the story as revealed by science from the Big Bang to the present day) and how it can inspire us in our lives and help to create a better world.

Many of our minds have been educated for analysis. Our education system prefers the analytical left-brain approach rather than the right-brain approach which involves meaning, imagination and seeing the big picture. As a result, many books about the Universe Story tend to focus more on the science than the meaning of the Universe Story. Whilst the science is fascinating, we need inspiration and meaning that is relevant to today’s world. The world has changed and is still changing rapidly, so it’s important to find spiritual metaphors that respond to these changes.

And this is why this book is so important. Whilst the science of the Universe Story provides an underpinning, the book is mainly about what we can learn from it and how it applies in our lives. Some people struggle with the ‘big picture’ of the Universe Story – for instance, how does the formation of the galaxies affect how I respond to a homeless person I see on the street? With chapters such as ‘Poverty and Abundance’, ‘Friendship and Joy’ and ‘Love’, along with real examples from the author’s personal life, this book is more grounded in the day-to-day world than any other book I have read on the Universe Story.

One of the chapters I enjoyed the most was ‘The Meaning of Life to Earth’. The chapter explores the idea that the Earth is on a great adventure and we humans are just one part of it. I have often felt this but this chapter added more substance to the idea. Our western society can tend to over emphasise the individual (for instance “what is your personal purpose in life?”) and not give enough emphasis to that to which we are connected. Through reading this chapter, I felt more deeply connected to a process that is greater than myself. A feeling that spiritual traditions often try to help people access.

This book draws much of its inspiration from writers such as Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme, two people who have done much to inspire GreenSpirit.

I believe it will be a great help along the road for anyone who is keen to understand the relevance of the Universe Story and how we can apply it in our lives.