GreenSpirit Book Series, Title No. 9 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2018

ISBN: 978-1986435017


Reviewed by Jane Stott


This anthology of some highlights from GreenSpirit magazine contains articles grouped around four themes: interactions with Nature, balance and healing, implementing green wisdom and Nature’s powers and wonders.

I enjoyed the variety both of subject and of style. Many of the articles had suggestions for further reading for those whose appetite had been whetted by reading them.

While it feels a little unfair to choose among so many good articles, the following four give a taste of the diversity. The article by Jonathan Furst on being an Earth activist had the inspiring message that we already know what needs to be done to help heal the Earth, we just need to choose what we want to do and get going, to inspire others to join us. Jean Boulton, looking through the lens of complexity theory encourages us to consider when we need regulation to help us stay safe and when regulation becomes a straitjacket that stops us developing.

Nicola Peel tells us about her work in the Amazon, working with villagers to develop an eco-restaurant, to encourage a return to drinking local coffee and chocolate, rather than commercially produced sugar laden drinks. Finally a piece by June Raymond on spending a night in a tent during a hurricane was so vivid it made me really appreciate my four solid walls.

A delightful book to dip into for GreenSpirit’s existing supporters and a good way to get a feel for GreenSpirit for people who are new to the organisation. It would also make a delightful gift for people interested in these areas and not yet acquainted with GreenSpirit.