Christian Alternative (a John Hunt Publishing imprint) 2017

 ISBN: 978-1785356858

 Reviewed by Emanuela Marchiori


Jennifer Kavanagh is a British Quaker and the author of ten books. In this little book she explores a big question: how do we find the underlying unity in a world of diversity, divisions and contradictions? She does this by inviting us to reflect, to explore, to journey through contradictions to the ‘no other’.

Kavanagh’s book, which is written in a straightforward simple style, nudges and invites us to see our disconnections with others – humans, other animals and plants. It also moves us towards recognizing the underlying bonds of mutuality and connections that science, psychology, and religion show us to be real.

This book has an important message. It tells us that our small acts matter in a connected world and reminds us that we need to maintain the awareness of this connection. In a divided and yet ever more globalized world, we need to find our way to the underlying unity and oneness. For, as Bertolt Brecht said: “In the contradiction lies the hope.” And Kavanagh’s book offers us that hope.