Panacea Books, 2020

ISBN: 978-1838286606

Reviewed by Trevor Sharman


This book follows on from Genevieve Boast’s ‘Tough Bliss………….. Restorying life’ which Lorna Howarth helped her produce. Now, together they have produced a kind of guide book, although not to a pre-defined destination. It is an invitation to follow a personal journey where the discoveries will be your own and will rely on your engagement with the journeying tools on offer to determine where you go.

The challenge of the book is to take stock of who you are in relation to the world and how you are attuned to the process of life and its mysteries. It is a handbook of ideas and practices which have been tried and tested by the authors and by them with fellow traveller groups. The experiences have been woven into a framework which follows the calendar year, yet draws on a wide range of traditions and practices; mystical, alchemical, indigenous, astrological, Jungian and nature cycles. Each month offers areas of challenge and exploration opportunities as a multi-layered invitation to develop and deepen appreciation of our own personal relationship with the process of cosmic evolution. The toolkit offered includes techniques from meditation, journaling, re-storying to nature bathing and more.

Not every aspect of the book’s invitation will appeal or resonate with everyone, but the diversity of approaches offers gentle challenge to step beyond our comfort zones, an offer to be taken up or left to another cycle.

It is clear that our culture and our embeddedness within it must change if human, and other than human life on Earth is to survive, let alone flourish. The challenge of The Soulistic Journey is to take personal responsibility to play our part in becoming part of this positive evolution. The experience of the authors is that this can best be undertaken within a peer group to both support and promote real personal and soulistic growth and the book includes links to explore this option as well as to online resources available to all to enhance the journey.