New World Library, 2021

ISBN: 9781608687466

Reviewed by Margie Schneider

This wonderfully insightful book can be an invaluable tool for meditating with Nature, not only for children, but also for those adults who might be new to the meditation practice, and who also have a desire to experience Nature on a deeper level. That is because, through its graphics, it has the ability to take you into Nature right where you are.

I particularly appreciated the simple nature of this book, as I am one who believes meditation experience should be an easy, and peaceful experience, not one filled with all the ‘dos and don’ts’ kinds of chatter that some teachings on meditation seem to possess.

Although I may have described this book as ‘simple’, it is far from that, for through its words, as well as the beautiful illustrations, it can encourage the reader to focus in the moment by using his or her imagination. From my own personal experience, I have realized that only by going deeper into our intuitive nature can we discover that we are a part of a larger whole. This can then guide us towards finding ways to live a more peaceful life, and to want to protect the beauty of what we have been given.

Perhaps this book could be even more effective if it were slowly read to a group by one person, or perhaps as a power point presentation. Since the illustrations sync beautifully with the words that are being expressed, such a presentation could only enhance the experience. I even think that putting it on a CD, with the calming sound of a narrator’s voice, would be highly effective. These could be ways of creating a deeply spiritual journey, enabling the listener to begin to sense his/her true connection with all Nature and the planet.

As a child I did not have the opportunity, or the knowledge, to learn what this book is teaching, but because more books, such as this one, are being published, I now have access to them, and I am now starting to live a more informed, and joyful, life, as a result. I now believe that if children could learn this at an early age, it can gift them with the innate ability to clearly see their connection with Nature, and to live their lives with the welfare of Mother Earth, and all her creatures in mind.

Buy this book for the children in your life – and/or for the child within you.