GreenSpirit Book Series, 2020

ISBN 9798633141962

Reviewed by Chris Holmes

I confess to loving books of quotations and this is no exception. I counted 78 quotes from 38 authors, which, as the compiler Santoshan (Steve Wollaston) writes, contain ‘numerous key insights which can be seen as the core of Earth-centred wisdom’. Thus the book is a sort of primer of GreenSpirit philosophy, and while each quote is very accessible, easily read and understood in a very short time, each also holds within it much depth and wisdom.

The opening of each section starts with some well-selected images and photographs to fit the nine themed parts of the book. There is also a helpful Introduction by the compiler that has suggestions for how to use a book of this kind for reflective and contemplative purposes.

I found myself saying an immediate ‘yes’ to each quote but with an accompanying awareness that each can be considered at great length. It occurred to me that while ideal for individual reflection they might also be very appropriate for group contemplation and discussion. I would also love to write that the book is suitable for all ages, but first I must try it out on my grandchildren. I have a feeling that short, sweet and apposite quotations might be the way in to Green Spirituality for teenagers with limited attention spans. An excellent addition to the wonderful (and inexpensive) GreenSpirit Book Series.