GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness has been described as ‘the definitive guide to green spirituality’, and features contributions from twenty-nine inspirational writers, including Matthew Fox, Brian Swimme, Satish Kumar, Emma Restall Orr, David Korten and Neil Douglas-Klotz.

“Never before have so many important ideas on these subjects been assembled between the covers of a single book.”
– Ruper Sheldrake, PhD., biologist and author of A New Science of Life.

GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness offers numerous healing and inspiring insights; notably, that Earth and the universe are primary divine Revelation, a truth to be transmitted to our children as early and effectively as possible.”
– Thomas Berry, geologian and author of The Dream of the Earth and The Great Work: Our Way into the Future.

“To address the many social and environmental crises we face today, we urgently need holistic, human-scale solutions. GreenSpirit is an inspiring call to reconnect our minds and hearts with practical, grassroots action.”
– Helena Norberg-Hodge, founder and director of the International Society for Ecology and Culture.

“We have all heard about the massive assault on our life-support systems. Yet it has not changed our behaviour except in rather trivial ways. How will we humans change our thinking and our behaviour to bring our technologies and lifestyles into harmony with the biological constraints of Earthly existence? Since our thinking and behaviour are underpinned by our spiritual beliefs and understandings, I believe that what we need is a spiritual revolution. And this book is part of exactly the kind of revolution that we need.”
– John Seed, founder and director of the Rainforest Information Centre.

“This is a book for anyone who hungers for a spirituality relevant to our times.”
– Chris Johnstone, coauthor of Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in without Going Crazy.

  • Only by understanding the Universe as a vast, holistic system and Earth as a unit within it can we help restore balance to that unit.
  • Only by placing Earth and its ecosystems about which we now understand so much – at the centre of all our thinking can we avert ecological disaster.
  • Only by bringing our thinking back into balance with feeling, intuition and awareness and by grounding ourselves in a sense of the sacred in all things can we achieve a new level of consciousness.
  • Green spirituality is the key to a new twentyfirst century consciousness. And this book is the most comprehensive ever written on the subject.


Edited by Marian Van Eyk McCain
Foreword by Satish Kumar
Earth Books (an imprint of John Hunt Publishing)
ISBN 978-1-84694-290-7
RRP UK £11.99 / US $24.95

Paperback 282p

Amazon Kindle version also available

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