Places for adults to learn more about all aspects of green spirituality.

Alternatives (England)
Monday talks at St James’s Church, Piccadilly, and weekend workshops in spirituality, creativity, wellbeing and self development.

California Institute of Integral Studies (California, USA)
Located in downtown San Francisco, CIIS is
a fully accredited university that connects the spiritual and practical dimensions of intellectual life, in a stimulating environment that fosters rigorous scholarship and supportive community. The Institute offers an integral, interdisciplinary education—a unique intersection between theory and practice, passion and reason.

Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning EIAL offers education and sponsorship for learning opportunities in applied spirituality, that is, the application of spiritual practice and experience to everyday life: peace studies, ecology and psychology. We distinguish ‘spirituality,’ which has to do with human experiences, from ‘religion,’ which has to do with organizational belief and structure.


Schumacher College
Set on the vibrant Dartington Hall Estate in the south west of England, Schumacher College is a unique international educational institution. It provides individuals and groups from across the world with the opportunity to learn on numerous levels about subjects relating to environmental and social sustainability.

Schumacher Society  (UK)
The Schumacher Society promotes the wisdom and insight of E.F. Schumacher (author of ‘Small is Beautiful’ ). Its aim is to inspire a new generation of people who are seeking relevant and practical solutions to heal a world in crisis and build a sane, humane and ecological society.

Schumacher Society (USA)
Founded in 1980, the mission of the Schumacher Society is to promote the building of strong local economies that link people, land, and community. To accomplish this we develop model programs, including local currencies, community land trusts, and micro-lending. Wehost lectures and other educational events, publish papers, and maintain a library to engage scholars and inspire citizen-activists.

Sophia Center - Holy Names University (California, USA)  
A full-accredited college in Oakland, California, that offers a
Master of Arts degree in Culture & Spirituality.

Whidbey Institute: Chinook Center (Washington USA)
A place of deep enquiry and inspiration dedicated to the transformation of heart, mind, and culture that is now needed for the creation of a more sustainable, just, and fruitful future for all.

Wisdom University (USA)
A global learning community providing unique opportunities to deepen spiritual and personal development while obtaining academic degrees.