Churches and religion-based groups caring for the Earth


Green Christian
Offers insights into ecology and the environment to Christian people and churches and offers Christian insights to the Greenmovement.


Churches Together in Britain and Ireland  (Environmental
Issues Network)

This Network aims to raise levels of awareness on issues relating to the environment and sustainability. It also helps member churches and other organisations explore together their theological understanding of creation and its ethical implications for environmental policy and action.


Forum on Religion and Ecology 
Calling for the world’s religions to participate in changes toward a more sustainable planetary future.  


Living Spirituality
The goal of this organization is to encourage mutual support as people
explore their own spiritual journeying broadly rooted within the
Christian tradition. It aims to be a resource through which people can
find material. groups and people to help deepen and anchor their
explorations through all the stages of their journey.


Quaker Earthcare Witness
This is a spiritually-centred movement of  North American Quakers and like-minded people seeking ways to integrate concern for the environment with Friends’ long-standing testimonies for simplicity, integrity, peace, and equality.


St James’s Piccadilly
An inclusive church, community and network in London’s West End. It has a long history of involvement with social justice, personal growth and ecological issues and was the birthplace of the Creation Spirituality movement in the UK, which later became GreenSpirit.


Unitarian Earth Spirit Network
Revering the divine reality of nature revealed to us through the infinite multiplicity of forms and forces. Evolving creative ways of worship for body, mind and spirit. Affirming a Pagan spiritual perspective as being fully compatible with the human quest for self-knowledge and ultimate meaning.
Encouraging ways of practical action on social issues which are directly related to a Nature-centred faith and philosophy.


Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth
Aims to provide Unitarian Universalist churches and their congregations with organized ways to connect energy, ideas, and information about how their lives relate to the living Earth, environmental justice, and future generations.