Well, we had our inaugural meeting, which was mainly discussing our ideas for the future. For the time being, the plan is to organise and publicise events with a view to gradually increasing the membership. The first of these we hope to be a GreenSpirit visit to Avebury stone circle, which is practically on our doorstep! – probably a tour followed by a social tea. It’s all still in the ideas stage, so watch out for the details.

Meanwhile, I am creating a GreenSpirit courtyard at our home, which will be paved with a pebble mosaic of the nautilus shell. We hope it will be an inspiring place for meetings. I will be posting photos of work in progress each time I pass a new stage in the construction.

1. I’ve just fiished the heavy work of making the space and I’m ready to start paving


This is the basic design, overlaid with a grid 1800mm x 2400mm


 2. The nautilus shell plan




Contact:  Alan Whear (tel: 01249 817283)