While the Government coronavirus restrictions are in force meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. When restrictions are lifted, meetings will be generally at or starting from Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Notting Hill, London W8 4RT – travel details at http://www.kensington-unitarians.org.uk/?page_id=36

Our next meeting in 2020 is:

  • Monday 21st December at 3pm – Winter Solstice / Yule

A recognition of the five past mass extinctions of life on earth and a cheering re-commitment, as winter draws in, to do what we can to avoid a sixth catastrophe and support life here on earth for the greater good of all beings.

We are a diverse group: everybody is welcome and no formal membership is necessary.

To book a place for any of these gatherings, which last around 90 minutes, please contact David Carter or Sarah Tinker at [email protected] or Sarah Tinker on [email protected]. Sarah is Kensington Unitarians’ minister:  W:  http://www.kensington-unitarians.org.uk/?page_id=51


Future meetings

Due to the unknown length of the Government coronavirus restrictions and their phased lifting we cannot give firm details. But meetings will tie in with key festivals and provide a variety of activities. We’ll also have some evening speakers, rituals to honour particular festivals and times out of doors.


David Carter and Sarah Tinker