Downshifting means reducing your income or circumstances to a lifestyle that is more fulfilling.



Here are some contributions about downshifting and simple living:

Anne Adams

Denise Moll

Jo Petts

Elizabeth Angas

Barry from Manchester


GreenSpirit Greater Manchester Local Group

Grace Blindell


Liz Holdstock

Chris Cafferkey




In the above video, Marian Van Eyk McCain talks about downshifting. Marian is one of the contributors to the Rising Water Project ebook.




Sally Lever - Downshifting, Sustainable Living, Sustainable Business -

This site seeks to explore the heart and soul of downshifting to a more sustainable, ethical and holistic way of living and working, in keeping with the needs of the planet, humanity as a whole and ourselves as individuals.

The video below is an interview with Sally for the Rising Water Project. Sally is one of the contributors to the Rising Water Project ebook.




Downshifting Made Easy

This book by Marian Van Eyk McCain is due out on 27th May 2011

What does it mean to 'downshift'? Why is it now imperative that millions of people begin moving towards a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle ? If you, too, are to join this worldwide effort to create a different sort of world, when should you start? How should you set about it? Might you need to move house in order to live more sustainably, and if so, to where? And to whom can you turn for advice and guidance? This easy-to-read guidebook, by an author who undertook a similar journey, aims to answer all these questions and more. It will reassure you that while the downshifting process is not without its challenges, the rewards, in terms of life satisfaction, enjoyment and sense of fulfilment, can be huge. There are many books full of practical ideas for green living. But this one goes to the heart of the matter by looking at who you are, what your needs are and how to create your custom-made plan for a lifestyle perfectly adapted to the coming 'Age of Sustainability'.

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Earth and Hearth

A blog by Chris Cafferkey about eco-friendly living.

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