Many of us have heard about the science of climate change. How climate change brings with it turbulent weather conditions, particularly flooding.

What can we do about this? And how can we inspire change?

This project is about hearing people's personal stories of flooding produced by turbulent weather conditions. And how, by listening to people's experiences, we become aware that the problem of climate change is immediate, affecting us today.

Also, by listening to people's positive experiences of downshifting, we can learn that combating climate change can be a rewarding experience, leading to a more fulfilled life. This is because downshifting (reducing your income or circumstances to a lifestyle that is more fulfilling) can result in reduced carbon emissions and therefore a lifestyle that has less impact on the climate.

Click on the links in this website to find out more about this project and the various contributions that people have made.

Ian Mowll
Project Coordinator






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