A concert with Carolyn Hillyer and Nigel Shaw 8pm Saturday 25th September 2021 at Shallowford House, Staffs.


A concert of music and songs in lament, honouring and celebration of this earth. Their live performances are a magical tapestry of ancient instruments, delicate soul-filled flute melodies, deep raw chants, strong earth songs and powerful tribal dance rhythms. They make most of the instruments with which they perform. Nigel carves flutes using woods that are indigenous to Dartmoor including oak, yew, birch, ash and thorn; Carolyn creates drums from the skins of red deer, reindeer, wild horse and salmon.

Bookings for the evening concert have now closed.

Shallowford House
ST15 0NZ



CAROLYN HILLYER AND NIGEL SHAW  are internationally renowned musicians & artists who live and work on a 1000-year old farm in the wild centre of Dartmoor, southwest England. Their creative output ranges from over 30 music albums to paintings, woodcarvings, traditional flute and drum making, writings, workshops, art installations and the creation of sacred spaces. The inspiration for their work comes from the raw power and beauty, hidden spirit and deep memory of the ancestral land. They run many events and workshops on their farm, where they have built a large ceremonial ancestral roundhouse using granite stone, oak timber and water reed thatch. They travel widely with their work; recent tours include concerts with reindeer-herding tribal singers of the Siberian Arctic tundra, along the northwest Pacific Ocean rim and in the burning heart of the Negev Desert.

CAROLYN sings and writes about ancient spirit, ancestral roots and the deep experience of women in the weaving of courageous life paths. She paints life-size images of archetypal and mythological women: the sacred landscape in human form. She contributed her work to an exhibition of women’s shamanic drums at the Sàmi Culture Museum in the Swedish Arctic. Over the last 30 years she has been teaching a series of powerful workshop journeys for women, and her books (The Weavers’ Oracle, Sacred House, Book of Hag, Her Bone Bundle) have become classic works within the field of women’s mysticism.

NIGEL has produced a renowned and diverse collection of recordings over the last 35 years, mostly instrumental works that have come to define his unique approach to sacred sound. He works with piano, keyboards and sound recordings gathered from nature, as well as many ancient instruments including wooden, bone and clay flutes, traditional whistles and recorders, smallpipes, overtone flutes, drums and percussion. His most recent albums are the tender instrumental composition Flow and, with Carolyn, Nine Prayers North, songs inspired by wisdom and loss, resolution and return.

We will inform you if this event needs to be adapted if new Covid restrictions come into force.