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9:30 am Doors open to the public

10:00 am

Introduction and meditation by Chris Clarke - Chair


10:15 am

Greg Morter - A brief history of Everything: from the origin of the Universe to the present day, in six surprising steps


11:00 am

Big History UK - Short introduction to the work of Big History

11:05 am Lisa Isherwood - The Cosmic Walk at Winchester University
11:15 am Break

11:45 am

Helen Moore - Eco-Poetry - 'Ecozoa'


11:55 am

Elisabet Sahtouris - The Evolution of Cooperation and Transformation


12:40 pm

Global Generation - Talking about their work with the Universe Story and hearing from the young people as "Big Bang Ambassadors"


12:55 pm

The Galaxy Song

1:00 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Helen Moore - Eco-Poetry - 'Ecozoa'
2:05 pm Maddy Harland - Transformational Heresy – permaculture and beyond
2:50 pm Explanation of World Cafe and Creative Activities
3:00 pm Break and re-arranging chairs
3:15 pm World Café and Creative Activities - A chance to ask questions, discuss ideas in informal groups and to be creative
4:15 pm Break and re-arranging chairs
4:30 pm Plenary session - Drawing it all together
5:00 pm Event ends



Plus there will be the opportunity to browse stalls from participating groups.

Please note: the programme may change. Any changes will be posted on this website and/or announced on the day.





Please go to the Speakers page.






Helen Moore - Eco-Poetry



An award-winning eco-poet, Helen publishes poetry, essays and reviews in a wide range of anthologies and journals, and regularly performs her poetry at literary events and environmental conferences around the UK. Click here to read more about Helen.

Helen will be reading some of her poetry, particularly drawing from her new book to be published ECOZOA. Click here to find out more.

Drawing from Thomas Berry's proposal of an 'Ecozoic Era' and William Blake's 'Four Zoas', Helen writes: ECOZOA is my response to industrial civilisation and my feeling forward into the future... As Berry reminds us, the Ecozoic Era is a phenomenon “we must will into being”.

Maddy Harland on ECOZOA:

"Helen Moore's poetry is the stuff of Deep Time. She speaks the words of our ancestors, whilst dissecting contemporary culture, and has the capacity to hear the voices of the ones yet to come. She is both sage, political commentator and prophet. Helen's language is crafted like the finest sculpture, but this poetry is also visceral and pulsating. She has the ability to stand at the threshold of another world, looking back into this broken time, whilst beckoning us into the promise of the Great Turning. This creates an exquisite tension in her work. This is what poetry should be – beautiful, harrowing, celebratory, passionate, visionary – enabling the reader to experience Life more deeply."

ECOZOA will be published by Permanent Publications in spring 2015.



Global Generation

Global Generation supports young people to create the sustainable world they want to live in. The Universe Story is central to much of Global Generation's work in enabling young people to develop a more connected sense of who they are and what they are a part of. Every Summer Global Generation runs a Big Bang Summer school which uses scientific facts as well as creative and experiential activities to enable young people and trainee teachers to explore their role within the universe story.

We will hear from Global Generation and from the "Big Bang Ambassadors" - young people who have learnt about the Universe Story through Global Generation. They will tell us how the Universe Story has inspired them, changed their outlook and helped to shape their lives. You can read more about the exciting Universe Story Projects from Global Generation through these links:



World Café


Speakers and Chair available for questions and discussion




Greg Morter

A brief history of Everything: from the origin of the
Universe to the present day, in six surprising steps.



Elisabet Sahtouris

The Evolution of Cooperation and Transformation.


Maddy Harland

Transformational Heresy – permaculture and beyond.



Chair - Chris Clarke

Ex Professor of Applied Mathematics and author of "Weaving the Cosmos".



More is being planned for the World Café



Creative Activities


Help to create a Universe Story timeline from the origin of the Universe to the present day. What will you draw/create? The birth of the stars and galaxies? The supernova explosion? The beginning of life on Earth? Early reptiles? The death of the dinosaurs? Early human beings? Today? The future? Whether you draw a part of the Universe Story timeline or something else inspired by the presentations during the day, become part of a collaborative piece of Universe Story art. Drawing/collage materials will be provided.


Come and write poems or prose inspired by ideas from the day. Maybe drawing from part of the Universe Story itself:

Here are poems inspired by the Universe Story written by Helen Moore:

Daughter of Dodmen

I Thank My Ancestors

And here is a poem Hymn to the sacred body of the universe (excerpt) written by Drew Dellinger.

Or maybe you want to write about something looking to the future.

No writing experience is necessary - your own imagination and desire to write is all that is needed. Eco-poet Helen Moore will be on-hand to help and support you with your writing. Pens and paper will be provided.



We may have a song during the event which requires a licence so:


PRS (Performing Rights Society for Music)

PRS for Music licences the use of copyright music across the UK, giving businesses and organisations the legal permission they need to play the music they want. These licences ensure that music publishers, songwriters and composers are fairly rewarded with royalties so they can keep making music - and mean that we’re able to support music at events like this. For more information about PRS for Music or music licensing, visit or call 0800 068 4828







GreenSpirit is a network of people who celebrate the human spirit in the context of our place in the natural world and Earth's own evolutionary journey. Our radical vision brings together the rigour of science, the creativity of artistic expression, the passion of social action and the wisdom of spiritual traditions of all ages. There will be a book stall, leaflets and GreenSpirit magazines available for sale.

Twitter: @GreenSpiritUk




Maddy Harland's partner Tim Harland will be running a book stall with a full selection of Permanent Publications books, plus issues of Permaculture magazine and some stock from their online site If there is anything you would like to order in advance (if in stock) for Tim to bring to the day please contact [email protected]


Website: and



Archetype Events

At Archetype Events we are dedicated to providing high quality and thought provoking events aimed at enhancing personal growth, self-liberation and well-being.

We bring together leading experts and practitioners from fields ranging from the scientific to the spiritual. Our goal is simple; to provide affordable events that will open the mind to new possibilities and realities, deepening our knowledge of life and beyond.

It is our express desire that attendees leave our events with new ideas, knowledge and practices that will enhance their life in a realistic and beneficial way.



Plant Consciousness Event:



Global Generation

We are dedicated to giving young people opportunities to play a part in creating a sustainable future.

Global Generation supports young people to generate change. We focus our projects on the three interdependent themes of ‘I, We and The Planet’. This approach increases awareness of self, community and the natural environment and instils young people with the confidence to generate change in the business and local community.


Website - Global Generation:

Website - Big Bang Project:

Website - Universe Story:



One Spirit Alliance

We work to promote and provide a forum for spiritually-minded people, organisations and networks to foster connection and collaboration between them.

See our website at for news of events and collaborative activities.





Be the Change Initiative

Be the Change Initiative´s purpose is to educate, inspire and empower individuals, communities and organisations to take committed action in the interconnected areas of environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfilment.





Big History UK

Big History is a new way of looking at the universe and your place within it. How are you related to the stars, to a grain of sand, to a flower? You have a relationship with every object in the universe, and Big History aims to show you what that relationship is. It does this by following history from the Big Bang to the present day, showing the links between the diverse branches of knowledge which this includes.

Big History UK (BHUK) is an Association designed to encourage the study of Big History within the UK. Many other countries are now adopting the subject in schools and universities, but the UK has been slow to follow (with a few notable exceptions).

The Association will encourage more academics to adopt the subject and help them to plan how to implement within their institutions.

Big History UK is the UK branch of Big History International.





Wildeye - The International  School of Wildlife Film-making - run a number of courses, workshops and training expeditions for aspiring wildlife film-makers and enthusiastic amateurs.

They also run the Wildeye Conservation Film Festival which is an annual symposium in the United Kingdom where film-makers, conservation experts and web/broadcasters can explore and innovate production techniques for reaching the broadest possible audiences, and celebrate those films that make a difference.


Website: and




Living Spirituality

We live in times of great change affecting all our institutions, including religious ones, and new forms of spirituality are now being birthed around the world. Our goal is to encourage mutual support as people explore their own spiritual journeying broadly rooted within the Christian tradition. LivingSpirituality aims to be a resource through which people can find material, groups and people to help deepen and anchor their explorations through all stages of their journey.













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