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The Universe Story


Here are some resources about the Universe Story:

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Thomas Berry

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The Universe Story in Science and Myth by Greg Morter and Niamh Brennan (ebook)

The Universe Story by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme

Journey of the Universe by Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker

Evolutionaries by Carter Phipps


The Universe Story is full of amazing facts. Below is a list of some of stages of the Universe Story - there are many others.

Note: Some scientists have different theories for some of the dates.

Years ago
13.8 billion years The flaring forth of the Universe    
13.4 billions years Birth of the galaxies    
5 billion years Supernova - the explosion of an ancient stars begin that created many of the elements that we find in the planets and on Earth.    
4.5 billion years The Earth was formed    
3.8 billion years Earliest life began    
2 billion years First complex cells    
1 billion years First multi-cellular oragnism    
400 million years First life on land    
200 million years First mammals    
65 million years Dinosaurs die out    
5 million years Hominids - our ancestors    
200,000 years Modern humans    
5,000 years Recorded human history    
Today What will the Earth be like in the future? Will we survive climate change and species destruction?    


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