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The event will be held at:

City of London School for Girls (CLSG)
St. Giles' Terrace

The nearest tube is Moorgate Tube station on the Northern Line. Click on the link below for directions:

Click here for a pdf with the directions.

Click here for a google map.

Please note that due to Crossrail, there is building work going on in the area. The best/easiest/safest way to get to CLSG is to go to Moorgate tube station, go south to London Wall and turn right. Turn right into Fore Street and follow its bend around to the left. When you get to the intersection of Fore Street and Wood Street turn right followed very soon after by a left turn. In front of you, you should see a large, clear sign "City of London School for Girls" on the side of the school.




We will have our own drinks stall serving hot and cold drinks. Payment is by donation. The drinks will be in the 'Lecture Hall' which is on the lower ground floor near the entrance to the main hall.

The toilets are also on the lower ground floor.



There are various options available:

If you have bought a packed lunch, you are welcome to eat this in the school dining room. Go up the flight of steps to the very top, double back on yourself and the dining room is straight ahead of you.

If you want to buy your lunch there are various alternatives:

* "Eat" cafe which has sandwiches and drinks is near the entrances of Moorgate tube station. This is open from 9:30am to 4:30pm on Saturdays
* Holland and Barrett has health foods and snacks, no sandwiches. This is near the entrances of Moorgate tube station and is open from 11:00am to 5:00pm on Saturdays
* The Barbican has various sandwich bars etc dotted around. To get to the Barbican, exit out of the school and turn left towards Fore Street. About 100 yards ahead of you there is a staircase taking you up to a walkway. Go up the staircase and go towards the Barbican which is across the water where you will enter the Barbican complex. The best place to go is the "Foodhall" which is on the ground floor by the water. They will be a bit busy at lunchtimes but has a good selection of hot meals, drinks, sandwiches etc.



There are no car parking facilities at the School. The nearest car parking is at:

* Barbican Centre car park.
* City of London Car Parks (London Wall)

On Saturdays, the southern end of Moor Land is closed with a barrier. Due to the building work for Crossrail, there is some disruption to traffic. For instance, during February, Moorgate (the road) between Moorgate tube station and London Wall was one-way only.






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