The Event


The event will be both real (at a physical time and place) and virtual (you can submit your own contributions for people to view online).

Real Event

The event will be on Friday 1st May 2009 at Core Arts, 1 St Barnabas Terrace, Homerton, London. E9 6DJ. UK in the evening. Some of the stories and poems will be by a professional storyteller and poet. The rest of the music, poems etc will be produced by members of Core Arts. Core Arts is a charity that promotes mental health so there will be an emphasis on "having a go". The event will be free and everyone is welcome.

Contributions offered so far include:

"Sometimes you have to stir the waters" - a poem buy Mona the Galactic Traveller

"Waste Ground" by Frank Bangay

Big Bang, Super Nova and Galaxy music by a variety of musicians

A variety of art work is in the contribute section of this website.



Alex Somerville: Storyteller

Helen Moore

Helen Moore: Eco Poet








The event will be held at Core Arts, 1 St Barnabas Terrace, Homerton, London. E9 6DJ. Nearest station: Homerton.

Click here for a google map

Click here for a flyer for the event


Virtual Event

You can make your own contribution to the event, whether it is a piece of art, a story, a poem or music or whatever art form you like. You can do this by joining Facebook, full information is in the Facebook section of this website



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