Here are the suggested sections for the Universe Story. These are only suggestions, you could include other ones such as "The Ancient Egyptians", "The rise of religions such as Buddhism, Christianity and Islam" or "The Olympics in 2012". Anything that captures your imagination.

Here are some great resources to help you:

GreenSpirit Resource Pack

Great Story Website

Timeline of evolution on wikipedia

Book: What on Earth Happened?

Simple Timeline of the Universe Story

A simple search on google will also provide you with a great deal of information. Below are some simple summary facts.

Big Bang The original flaring forth of the Universe, about 13 billion years ago   Facts - long version
Facts - short version


Super Nova The explosion of an ancient star that created many of the elements (such as cobalt, nickel, copper, tin, gold and uranium) that we find in the planets including the Earth.


Earth and Life The formation of the planet Earth and the appearance of early life.  

Formation of Planets Facts
Appearence of Life on Earth Facts
Emergence of Animals on Land Facts

Dinosaurs The dinosaurs and their death as a result of an asteroid colliding with the Earth   Facts
Human Emergence Homo Erectus - early man in East Africa about 1 million years ago   Human Emergence Facts
Stonehenge The building and use of Stonehenge for ceremonies   Stonehenge Facts
The Middle Ages The black death, religion and superstition  

Black Death Facts
Fire of London Facts

The Enlightenment The rise of modern science    
The 21st Century The challenges we face today    
The Future What will the Earth be like in the future? Will we survive climate change and species destruction? Will we explore other planets? Will we make contact with alien beings?    


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