Once again, the Resurgence Summer Camp had an abundance of riches. The Summer Camp was at ‘Green and Away’ – a campsite near Worcester run along sustainable lines with (for instance) renewable energy and mostly local and organic food.

Here are some of my highlights – there were lots of other things happening too…

Natalie Bennett – Leader of the Green Party


Natalie listed some uncomfortable statistics showing how far adrift we are from an inclusive and compassionate society. For instance, 500,000 people currently use food banks in the UK whilst the UK is the 6th richest country in the world. The rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer. She also said that we need to have a minimum wage which is a living wage.

Donnachadh McCarthy: How to Save the Planet from the Prostitute State
For me, this was the highlight of the weekend. Donnachadh does some serious recycling producing only a little landfill waste each year. And runs a carbon negative house in terms of energy usage.

The main point of his talk was his experience as the Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrats. He wanted to make political lobbying fair for all rather than being biased in favour of large corporations who have the money to pay people. I came away feeling I was naive not to have known how entrenched political lobbying is in our political system and how strongly the lobbying process is biased to benefit large corporations. This has to change. There will be a book out soon by Donnachadh on this subject, I’ll be watching out for it.

Shantena Augusto Sabbadini: The Valley Spirit, Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching
He talked about Taoism and its relationship to Quantum Physics. Fortunately, he was a very good scientist so he could talk in grounded ways about this often cited connection. This was in contrast to the rather vague and unhelpful ways Quantum Physics is sometimes banded about in spiritual/New Age circles.


Plus there were plenty of other activities during the weekend. Miriam Darlington (who wrote ‘Otter Country’) did a talk/creative writing workshop, there was a Joanna Macy Truth Mandala – particularly for those who heard Donnachadh’s talk and wanted to express their anger and grief. There were meditations, other speakers, music, creative activities, poetry performances, open space sessions as well as the many, many impromptu conversations with like minded people over a meal or between sessions.


The GreenSpirit Books in a Suitcase was there. Plus 3 GreenSpiriters shared a song adapted from a Bob Dylan song which we called ‘The Climate – it is a Changing’ during the open mic evening.

Stars out of 5 for the weekend? At least a million!

Next year (2014), the Resurgence Summer Camp is booked from Thursday 31st July – Sunday 3rd August. Check out the Resurgence website ( in due course for further information.

Ian Mowll