The Quiet Garden Trust by Chris Holmes

The Quiet Garden movement has been in existence for over thirty years, making it more or less contemporaneous with GreenSpirit. The movement arose from the vision of an Anglican priest, Philip Roderick, who saw a need for making the retreat experience available as part of everyday life. Retreat houses are great, but are beyond the means of many and require a time commitment which is not always possible.

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Eco-Centred Wisdom: Embracing Green Spirituality Across Religions and Cultures

AI generated article. In the face of mounting environmental challenges, a growing movement of green spirituality is emerging, drawing on the wisdom of various religions and indigenous cultures. While traditional environmental stewardship has its merits, there is a compelling argument for shifting towards an eco-centred wisdom approach that recognises the interconnectedness and intrinsic value of all life on Earth.

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‘From our Feet to our Heart: The Cosmic Walk Adventure’ by Erna Colebrook

The concept of the Cosmic Walk was the brainchild of Sister Miriam MacGillis of Genesis Farm in New Jersey USA after she read The Universe Story by Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry (1992) which has the beguiling subtitles of “From the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era” and “A Celebration of the Unfolding of the Cosmos”.

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‘A Summons for Restraint’ by Ruth Meyers   

While in isolation, I am rereading Rollo May’s “Courage to Create.” He describes a conference he attended that opened with the chairman announcing that the possibilities of human beings are unlimited. He goes on to describe just how deflating and deenergising this statement was for the people present and how the meeting fell flat after the casting into the room of this sweeping statement. The meeting stuttered to a stop. Paradoxically, the sense in the room was one of freedom curtailed, rather than an open arena for reflective discussion.

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Deep Time Walk App   This is a smart-phone app, currently on [...]

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Something in Common

by Brendan Caulfield James   "You have nothing in common [...]

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The Grassy Bank

Much appears to be wrong with our banking system today. Money is created by creating debt, it accumulates and aggregates in hugely unequal shares and doesn’t actually go towards financing useful activities and production.

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