“You have nothing in common with me”,

I hear you say.

But hold on a moment.

Here’s a thought.

In a few, short years,

We will both die, our bodies decay

and mingle with the earth

from whence they emerged.

The Liturgy of Ash Wednesday reminds us,

“Memento homo quia pulvis es

et in pulverem reverteris!”

Remember you are dust – stardust in fact –

and unto stardust you shall return.

There to host the myriad creatures

who work the soil,

grow our food,

colour our landscapes,

endow them with beauty,

fill us with awe,

engage, inspire and enthral!

But now, I’m getting carried away.

This is something we have in common,

a privileged link:  www.interconnect.org.

that we can freely access…..

and isn’t it wonderful?

So don’t ever say

we have nothing in common.

Why then, do we spend a lifetime

denying our mutual bonds,

erecting borders,

insulating ourselves

and warmongering?

Perpetuating an adolescent yearning for independence

but never grasping adulthood’s secret:

the mystery and marvel


“Awake”, Kabir cries out!

“Get up”, commands Jesus!

“Remember who you are”,

pleads Meister Eckhart!

Friends, heed the wisdom of our sages.

For a paradise on Earth awaits us

and is there for the embracing.