Music – Blue Pearl – Review

Blue Pearl is a ground-breaking new oratorio for choir, four solo singers and orchestra. It conveys a contemporary view of spirituality which transcends individual religious traditions, embracing humanity, and the earth, as a whole. ‘Blue Pearl’ is the earth, as seen from space: a unity; our precious home.

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Film – Becoming Cousteau – Review

This film is about the life of this incredible man, his personal journey and how it profoundly changed him. Early in his life, he had a bad car accident which propelled him towards swimming and diving to help relieve pressure on some of his bones. And this led to a life long passion for the sea and all of its ecosystems.

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“The Search for the Elves’ Cure” – a storybook for young GreenSpirits

Paths that change direction as you walk, mysterious green mists, friendly and not so friendly nature spirits, magical inscriptions, brambles that smother your path, eyes that follow you everywhere you go. Protected only by special herbs, Jack and his sister Ruby face all of these and other dangers in their quest to find the Elves’ Cure. But are they prepared for the greatest evil of them all, the shape-shifter?

“The Search for the Elves’ Cure” – a storybook for young GreenSpirits2022-03-14T14:32:32+00:00

Film – Minamata – Review

Starring Johnny Depp and Bill Nighy, Minamata is essentially two bittersweet true stories that become intertwined. Depp plays Life magazine’s photojournalist William Eugene Smith in his twilight years in 1971, who has become a risk for the magazine as he didn't complete his previous assignment and drinks heavily. He is reluctantly persuaded by two people from Minamata to take on what was to become his last photo assignment in Japan to document a largely fishing community fighting for justice against a chemical manufacturer polluting local seawater.

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Film – Don’t Look Up – Review

This film is about a large asteroid heading for the Earth which would devastate much of life on the planet. The story is about a small group of scientists and helpers trying to alert the world about this impending catastrophe. They find so many obstacles in their way and are exasperated to find that a simple, clear, scientific truth gets distorted, manipulated or dismissed by vested interests.

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Music – Luminosity – Review

The performance of this piece of music in October 2021 in London was inspired by the book "The Universe is a Green Dragon" by Brian Swimme. Therefore, it’s all about the amazing unfolding of the universe from the big bang to the present day.

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Film: The Tape – Review

Whilst the basic plot of this film is fairly simple (a burnt out lawyer falls in love with a chaotic singer), the story is told with humour, understanding and with the occasional unexpected twist and turn.

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Course: Nature Connectedness with the University of Derby – Review

This short, online course is provided by the University of Derby via the portal Future Learn. The course itself is free (or you can choose to pay £32 for a certificate if you wish) and is offered over 4 weeks with an average of just 2 hours per week suggested.

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Festival: Wild Weekend – Review

This mini-festival in Sussex was held over the weekend of 6th – 8th August 2021. It was family friendly and had a warm, peaceful vibe – in part because it attracted people who wanted to create a better world.

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Movie: Kiss the Ground – Review

This film is all about soil. It is surprisingly hopeful and with good reason. Through farm practices that are in harmony with the Earth, the film talks about regeneration rather than degeneration. And through this, deserts are transformed, healthy food is produced, sustainability is restored and a great deal of carbon is captured from the atmosphere to combat climate change.

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