The Shamanic Lands event was held on 6th and 7th June 2015 at Conway Hall, Central London – full details here:

This event had a wonderful collection of shamans, healers, teachers, musicians and more. The best part was that each speaker/presenter gave a talk and also facilitated an experiential session such as a shamanic journey. And so the event was full of personal engagement – which, for me, bought the two days to life.

Each person will have taken away different gems from the event, and every speaker had something to offer, I learnt from them all. But here are some of my personal highlights:


Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
Barbara started off the event with a very upbeat opening ritual; full of drums, rattles and invocations. It was her singing at the very end of the first day that I found most powerful. All of the visuals and the music, done with such vigour and energy, transported me to another realm and I felt uplifted.

Martin Duffy
Martin has been a mental health care practitioner for many years as well as a counsellor. But it is his work in Shamanism that is so exciting. He sees beyond the western medical model of psychiatric illness and uses Shamanic forms of connection and healing. Having worked in mental health myself in the past and having talked to many patients, I know how limited the western approach to mental health is – and so it was refreshing to hear Martin’s journey and his important contribution to the much misunderstood area of mental health.

Carole Guyett
Carole has a deep knowledge of plants, both the science behind them and their healing potential. She particularly talked about the spiritual connection we can have with plants and how this can inspire us to protect plants and all of nature. In her talk, she focussed on the dandelion – and my eyes were opened to the wonders of this amazing plant.

Brooke Medicine Eagle
Brooke is one of those rare people who has a gift as a spiritual teacher. When she spoke, I was completely drawn in, I was listening to her every word. I remember her life story, words of affirmation and the simple rituals that she did. But most of all, I felt a kind of ‘coming home’ that gave me spiritual nourishment.

Itzhak Beery
Itzhak talked about the Eagle of the North (masculine energy) and the Condor of the South (feminine energy) and that now is the time for the West to welcome the Condor energy so that we can change the dream of our society from capitalism to one that is in harmony with the Earth.

He also talked about Ayahuasca and how it is being used to help people to have spiritual dreams and visions. He talked, in a grounded way, about the benefits and pitfalls of using this plant. Also, how it can be used for the benefit of individuals by using it sparingly, giving individuals time to integrate and ground the dreams and messages they have received.


There was also music, rituals, Shamans from South America giving their thoughts (through a translator), chants, time to connect with others and to browse the various stalls.

I came away with my feet planted ever more deeply on the Earth and my spirit flying up with the clouds.

Davyd and Emma Farrell must be thanked for putting on such an amazing two days.

Ian Mowll
June 2015