The Resurgence Summer Camp at Green and Away once again delivered a wonderful long weekend of talks, creative activities, meditations, music and more. Here are some of my highlights amongst the many other gems at this event:

John Letts: Ancient Grains
John is a pioneer of growing ancient grains in the UK – which has many benefits. Bio-diversity is one (producing more resilience) and less or no gluten is another (counteracting the rise in gluten allergies we are seeing). As someone who is gluten intolerant, this was music to my ears.

Corporations are influencing government to restrict or stop the spread of ancient grains. John is fighting his own battle on this front – with growing support from others, both in the UK and across Europe as more and more people see the need for, and the benefits of, ancient grains.

Matt Harvey – Poetry
Matt gave us all a good laugh with his poignant poetry. He does what poets do best, using metaphor to connect us with deep truths. You can find out more about Matt here:

Tom Crompton: Finding Common Cause
Tom is a change strategist at WWF-UK. He spoke about our intrinsic and extrinsic values and how, if we understand the ways that these work, we can send out messages that are more likely to resonate with audiences. You can find out more at where you can find the Common Cause Handbook which explains this in depth.

Jane Davidson: Education for Sustainability
Jane was the Minister for Environment and Sustainability in Wales and made a lot of progress in making sustainability a key part of the Welsh education curriculum. Part of the reason she was able to do so much is that Wales has its own government (through devolution) and this makes innovation easier. We, in England, have a lot to learn from her work.


Green and Away

resurgence-summer-2014-2One thing I learnt from Tom Crompton’s talk (details above) is the need to align values with action. Not only is this important in itself but also others are more likely to take note. And this is why Green and Away is such a good place for the Summer Camp – with recycling, aiming for local food, solar panels, compost toilets and more, Being at Green and Away, I had a real sense of ‘walking my talk’. Their website is here:


Add to this Satish’s inspirational talks about spirituality and other participants who bring their own gifts and insights and you have a truly wonderful event. This gives me the fuel to carry on living and promoting eco-justice.

Look out for next year’s Resurgence Summer Camp (

Ian Mowll