Sadly, Jean Hardy passed away on the 20th of December 2017. Jean Hardy was on GreenSpirit council for many years and was editor of the GreenSpirit magazine from 1999 – 2007, something she did with great enthusiasm and dedication. She was instrumental in creating the current form of the magazine – something which carries on today.

To celebrate our association with Jean, to show our respect and to remember her contribution, GreenSpirit has dedicated a tree through the Woodland Trust in memory of Jean for all that she did.

Click here to see the dedication card from the Woodland Trust. The card reads:

“One tree has been dedicated in
Watkins Wood, Woodleigh, Devon,
Remembering Jean Hardy.
For all that she did for
GreenSpirit and the Earth. Her passion
and dedication shone through in all
that she did.
She will be sadly missed”.

Click here to see information about the woodland where the tree rests.

The funeral for Jean was held on Saturday 6th January 2018 and she was buried at Bidwell Woodland Burial site. Click here to see the ceremony sheet for the funeral.

On the day, Lisa Colledge represented GreenSpirit. Lisa wrote:

“Jean’s funeral on Saturday was moving, nature-filled and very ‘Jean’. A universalist-style ceremony was held in the meeting hall of the Heart & Soul eco-funeral company, by the River Dart in Buckfastleigh, followed by a woodland burial on a hillside near Rattery. Jean was buried in the same wood as Michael Colebrook (as per her wishes)”.

Here is  the cover of the card sent to Jean’s family via Lisa Colledge from GreenSpirit:

and here are the words on the card:

The words on the card read:

“To Jean’s family.

We are so sorry to hear of Jean’s passing. Jean contributed enormously  to the GreenSpirit organisation, as journal editor and council member, with great enthusiasm, passion and dedication.

We remember and honour her for all that she did for GreenSpirit and the earth, and we will be planting a dedicated tree in her memory (through the Woodland Trust).

She will be sadly missed.

In sympathy,

GreenSpirit council”.


All contributions to her legacy should be sent to: ‎(formerly Dr Hadwen Trust) 01462 436819 – funding and promoting the replacement of animals in biomedical research.

Jean – you will be sadly missed.