Reviewed by Ian Mowll.


This mini-festival in Sussex was held over the weekend of 6th – 8th August 2021. It was family friendly and had a warm, peaceful vibe – in part because it attracted people who wanted to create a better world.

There were speakers, storytellers, music, workshops, spa area, camp fires and more. As there was a good deal of rain, I spent most of my time listening to the speakers. For me, highlights included speakers who introduced their new book: Neil Ansell – “The Circling Sky”, Jay Griffiths – “Why Rebel?”, Derek Gow – “Bringing Back the Beaver” and Rupert Read – “Parents for a Future”. I was impressed with the breadth of knowledge and depth of passion from each of these speakers. But for me, Gail Bradbrook of Extinction Rebellion stood out as she was very widely read, drawing on so many different strands and bringing in spirituality in the sense of relating to the great mystery which is beyond us all.

Added to this the wonderful music including “Seize the Day”, plant based food on sale and interesting conversations with likeminded people, it all added up to an amazing weekend. I came home buzzing with a recharged passion for a sustainable world.

There seems to be a growing number of green and family friendly festivals, an internet search can show which ones are on each summer.