Finger Labyrinth and Prayer Guide
Labyrinths are ancient pathways found across the world. The winding path helps us to ’unwind’, to let go and rest in Spirit. Members of the early church as well as Medieval pilgrims  used them as a support for prayer. Today, labyrinths are being created in gardens, churches, retreat centres, schools, hospices and cathedrals to offer a spiritual space for prayer and reflection providing a stilling space in a busy world.

A labyrinth is different from a maze. A maze is full of dead -ends and designed to get you lost. A labyrinth has only one path that always leads to the centre… if you stay on the path you cannot get lost. There is no right or wrong way to a labyrinth… no set pace… just follow the path in your own time… Finger labyrinths can be used for prayerful reflection when it is not possible to walk a full-sized labyrinth.

Meditating and praying with a Finger Labyrinth.

Sit comfortably, be still, take some deep breaths and gently sense yourself in a calm place.

When you are ready… slowly trace the labyrinth path with a finger, use a finger on the hand that you do not write with, just let your thoughts come to the surface and let them flow… You are not alone. You are always loved.  When you reach the centre…consider your thoughts…  …stay in the centre for a while and spend some time in reflection receiving love and blessing from the Universe. When you are ready… return along the same path… return gratefully, … you might like to sing or say aloud an affirmation or a favourite song.  As you exit the labyrinth give thanks and love to Life itself.

Click here for a colour in labyrinth.