We are a local group of GreenSpirit people. GreenSpirit is a network of people who celebrate the human spirit in the context of our place in the natural world and Earth’s own evolutionary journey. Our radical vision brings together the rigour of science, the creativity of artistic expression, the passion of social action and the wisdom of spiritual traditions of all ages. Attracting those of many faith traditions, we are a body of people who believe that human life has both an ecological and a spiritual dimension. We celebrate the awe and magnificence of life on our beautiful but fragile planet.
Come join us, we’re an inclusive, friendly and an inspiring group of people making real connections with each other and with our planet.

Here are details of our next event

The time between the festival of Samhain (31st October – 1st November) and the Winter Solstice (December 21st) has been called the ‘Interlife Period’.

Some astrologers are recording that we are coming to the end of a twenty year cycle as the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (around the 21st December) heralds the beginning of a new era, a new 20 year cycle. Whatever our individual beliefs, the coming Solstice seems a good time to come together – as best we are able within the requirements of social distancing – to watch the rising of the sun together. We can share poetry, ritual and readings and individually walk the labyrinth. We can bless the new sun and one another, hoping for better and brighter days to follow.

Although we are meeting outside please ensure that we keep safe by keeping a safe distance.  Please let us know if you are planning to come so that we can keep an eye on the numbers.  So, at last we have some good news! Something to celebrate alongside our GreenSpirit Friends.

We intend to meet on the ridge towards the bottom of Orchard Fields in Malton on Sunday 20th December at 8.15am for the sunrise at 8.21am.  This is the same place that we met last year for the Winter Solstice.

Blessings, and if we don’t see you, we wish you an enjoyable Christmas/Yule and a bright new year to come.

Chris and Janice, and GreenSpirit Focalising team

Ryedale & Yorkshire Coast GreenSpirit

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Past meetings

Samhain (usually pronounced Sow-een) is not Halloween, we promise no ‘trick and treating’ or a plastic waste mountain!  Samhain is an ancient Celtic ceremony full of tradition; it’s not ghoulish, but full of potential and real meaning. All of us are here because of those who went before us – our ancestors – they remain a part of us and ‘live’ through us.  Samhain is our opportunity to remember and honour and give our thanks to our forebears. As the ancient Wheel of the year turns again and we begin our journey around the sun once more, we in our GreenSpirit group have planned another meaningful, joyful time together; there’ll be storytelling (Grandmother Stone, with Mr Boggle!), music, verse, dancing, short rituals and, as always, a bring and share feast to share.

All our celebrations are suitable for everyone of all ages and we encourage children to be fully a part. Over the last year and a half, our times together have become very precious, meeting our need for community and for sharing with friends our love of our precious planet.  So, if you’ve been before come again, and if you haven’t yet attended our events you’ll be sure to find a warm welcome. We come from different backgrounds and assume no belief or religious background – it’s for everyone.

Here are the details for our Samhain celebration, we’re looking forward to seeing you: Sunday, 3rd November, starting at 4pm, at the Friends Meeting House, Greengate, Malton.

Let’s shine together,


Vibrancy, exuberance, fertility – the air filling with creative energy and the rampant potency of the life force. Goddess of the Flowers and Green Man appear from deep within the forest heralding a time to put away winter blues and embrace new growth and new adventures.  A door marked joy is opening for us and inside and beyond we enter the fullness and mystery of abundant summer life. Beltane is here!  Or you may simply say fun, community and belonging!

Our celebration may seem, on the surface at least, a more modest affair compared to the above description. However you see and experience our time together we are open to all possibilities including a little magic in our Beltane celebration together on Sunday 28th April.  We eagerly look forward to our eclectic mix of storytelling, music, circle dance, ritual and … of course, a bring and share feast.  Do come – and bring a friend or two.  We especially welcome children and young people.

Dress up, or wear something green – and bring some greenery to make a headdress, if you can.  Beltane won’t be quite the same without you.

Sunday 12th  May, 2.30pm

Meet at Rudston village, tbc

A ‘guided’ walk and meditation, making connections with our forbears and the Rudston Monolith (tallest in the Uk).

What’s special about Rudston, the Wold Newton Triangle and the Gypsey Race?  Learn about ley lines and Faerie folks – and then make up your own mind.


We hope you like the look of our next few events, and look forward to seeing you at one – or all – of them.

Spring Equinox Celebration 
The second of our eight Celtic festival events for this year, as we follow the Celtic calendar through 2019.

Our ancestors called it Eostre, Ostara or Alban Eilir – meaning the light of earth. The time for balancing light and dark outside, and inside ourselves. The Spring Equinox is when the sun crosses the celestial equator and moves northwards. It marks the first official day of Spring in the northern hemisphere, but there’s much more to this than meets the eye ….

Stargazing – an opportunity to become deeper acquainted with our amazing universe
Friday 1st March,  at Dalby Forest Visitor Centre, Low Dalby, YO18 7LT

From Dark Skies National Parks website: The Scarborough and Ryedale Astronomical Society will once again be bringing their Public Stargazing event to Dalby Forest.  Come and see the stars, planets, nebulae and galaxies under one of the darkest skies in the country.  Please wrap up warm and bring a torch (preferably with a red filter to preserve yours and others night vision).  If weather happens to be inclement, please don’t be put off.  A member of the Society will give a talk/virtual tour in the warmth of the Forestry Commission Visitor Centre.  No booking required.  Event itself is free.  The Forestry Commission now charge on exiting the forest – charge is reduced to £3 per vehicle for this event (code supplied at event).  Charitable donations welcomed.