GreenSpirit groups are all different. Some meet to share thoughts about a book they have been reading or watch a video together, others meet to celebrate the time of the year or spend some time in meditation. Here are some ideas people have shared:

(Section added since the Coronavirus quarantine. Click here for Ideas for  Online Meetings)

Anytime:    Share a meal together. Perhaps folk can bring some food to share.

Celebrate and honour the four directions East, South, West and North and the creatures and elements they represent. Here is a song honouring the directions. (MP3 file) Click here for a ritual sourcebook with some ideas.

Share a Shamanic Body Prayer which celebrates all of CREATION. Here is a video of Debbie demonstrating the Shamanic body prayer

Click here for the words and explanation.

Go for a night away camping, somewhere that allows bonfires. Sit outside and have a bonfire, tell stories as the stars come out.

Make masks, modroc is great for this, but takes a while. If you make animal masks you could then have a Council of all Beings.

Share a grief ritual. Invite a speaker.

Create intentions for yourselves and your local area. Hold intentions together in a corcle. Use your breath to send LIGHT and LOVE to your families, your neighbours. We created sigils  see here for an explanation

You can create prayer sticks and decorate them with sacred intention (whatever is used to decorate them ought to be gathered together in a sacred manner.)

 Talk about “responsible recycling”, “death”, “soil”, etc; make dream catchers, make prayer sticks.

Go for a walk, have a picnic. Go to Climate Change marches.

Read the GreenSpirit magazine or GreenSpirit ebooks and chat about them. Have a regular Study Group.

Have a gardening/permaculture group.

Winter: Share how the season makes you feel….. remember how our ancestors survived in the cold of  winter.  Celebrate the solstice with a ritual and a feast. Here is a Ritual we have used for the Winter Solstice.

Have a bonfire and make plans for new things in the new year. Use candles instead of a bonfire if you can’t go outside.

Spring: Celebrate Early Spring (Imbolc) with lighting candles and making prayers for the coming year.

Paint eggs or do some flower arranging (Ikebana is a Japanese art and can be done meditatively) Here is a short video about Ikebana

Go for a dawn walk, see the dew on cobwebs in the grass and catch the sun as it rises. (Take a hot drink in a flask, you’ll be pleased you did!) and afterwards share breakfast together.

Plant some seeds. Meditate on being a seed.

Do circle dancing. Sing Spring songs.

Summer: Go in a tree trail in your local park.

Celebrate the Solstice with a ritual and a feast.

Go camping for a night.

Learn a circle dance.

Here are some suggestions about walking a labyrinth.

Sing summer songs.

Autumn: Celebrate the equinox and harvest by sharing some food that you have cooked yourself. Celebrate  days and nights being the same length by thinking about the balance of your own lives.

Plant spring bulbs for gestating throughout the winter months.


MAKING YOUR OWN Ancestor oracle cards are a uniquely personal divination tool that only you can make for yourself, because they involve images of your own ancestors. You’ll never be able to walk into your local metaphysical shop and buy a set of photos of your kinfolk, but that’s okay… because making an ancestor oracle deck is, in itself, a magical action.

Oracle decks can have as many cards as the creator wants, and because they can have any meaning the creator assigns them, they’re fairly easy to learn. Each card has an image, as well as words associating the image with a particular concept or idea.

What family photos do you have access to? If you’re doing ancestor work, they may be right there on your altar! Look at your photos, and consider what concepts come to mind when you study them. Make a list of words or phrases to represent each picture.


Another thing you might consider doing is advertising your local group meetings on Twitter and Facebook. We have a local social network called Next Door in my area… perhaps you have it too? Also you could advertise on Meetup 

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