The coronavirus quarantine has stopped us meeting up locally and nationally. Some of us have found that meeting up on Zoom has given us opportunities for making new friends as well as for interesting discussions,  inspirational and devotional activities.

Here are some ideas for meetings you might hold on Zoom or on another online platform.

  • Celebrate the Celtic festivals and the seasons as we normally do.
  • Reading circles, to read a book/article together.
  • Art session.
  • Share a grief ritual.
  • Invite a speaker.
  • (Make animal masks) and have a Council of all Beings.
  • Do some creative writing together after a short guided meditation.
  • Share a Google document and collaborate on something creative.
  • Discussion groups, e.g. what do you want the post-pandemic world to look like?
  • Agree on a text that you read before hand and have a discussion. (suggestions for texts are anything by Thomas Berry, articles from GreenSpirit Magazine, Resurgence Magazine,  Emergence Magazine etc)
  • Just a catching up time with friends you haven’t seen for a while.

Here are some of the elements you might include in your meeting, depending on whether it is a celebration meeting or a discussion meeting.

  • Everyone brings a candle and lights it at the same time.
  • Use a virtual “talking stick” to take in turns to speak.
  • Each person brings something to share about that topic/time of year etc.
  • Do a guided meditation.
  • Write a new future for yourself.
  • Build an altar together. (eg to the Ancestors, the Elements etc)
  • Share your screen and get different people to read  your screen to Call the Directions.
  • Make a God’s Eye. (Wool and 2 random sticks needed)
  • Wear something special (a scarf, a garland a hat, a cloak, bright colours)
  • Make a prayer stick. (Ask people to bring the sticks & wools/threads/ribbons) Decorate with sacred intention.
  • Make something using Origami (a crane?) as a spiritual practice.
  • Colour an illuminated letter (templates available online and need to be printed out)
  • Draw a labyrinth How to draw a 3 circuit web
  • Send everyone a copy of a finger labyrinth and “walk” it together as a meditation.
  • Colour in a finger labyrinth: colour in labyrinth.
  • Do a body prayer together (needs a little space in front of your computer)
  • Create intentions for yourselves and your local area. Hold intentions together in a circle. Use your breath to send LIGHT and LOVE to your families, your neighbours. We created magical sigils  see here for an explanation
  • Share and practice breathing exercises.
  • Share and practice energy exercises/visualisations.
  • Discuss how you can lower your carbon footprint.
  • Talk about “responsible recycling”, “death”, “soil”, etc.
    Here are some Powerpoints of meetings we have had on Zoom, you are welcome to use them and adapt them. I generally brought together materials from various sources, webpages, Debbie and Emanuela’s Ritual Sourcebook; so the originality is mostly just how I put things together and adapted them for the groups.