GreenSpirit Reading

At GreenSpirit Reading we celebrate the eight earth-based festivals of our Celtic ancestors mostly in our own homes on Sunday evenings. At meetings we share vegetarian food, poetry and song, meditation and ritual to reconnect us with the cycles and seasons of the Earth. Annual events include an easy New Year’s walk, a Snowdrop walk in February and a Healing Herbs walk usually at midsummer. At Reading International Festival in late autumn we have our main open event. We look forward to meeting you.

CONTACT  Debbie:  0118 9352169

  [email protected]

We came whirling out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust…

the stars made a circle and in the middle we dance




Braziers Park Snowdrop Walk

A stroll in the Oxfordshire countryside surrounding one of the oldest intentional communities in the country.

The Ecosophical Journey

Teacher of Philosophy and Religious Studies with Masters in Ethics, Religion and Society, Tanya Rebel celebrated Earth Day with a talk on the emerging ecocentric worldview.

Dancing into Darkness

Celebrating the festival of Samhain through circle dance with teacher Lynn Francis

What is Green Spirituality? A Talk by Ian Mowll

Green spirituality is about our connection with the planet Earth, how we can be inspired to live sustainably and with compassion for all living beings. This form of spirituality is vital for out times of environmental challenges.


Calendar of Meetings 2021

(subject to Covid 19 rules)

Philip Carr-Gomm:  “Druid Mysteries”

The Eight-fold Wheel (of the year) based upon the deep and mysterious connection between the source of our individual lives and the source of the life of the planet…Together..the..festivals represent our complete interconnectedness with the earth, the moon and the sun, and the animal and plant realms.


Imbolc Awakening  31 January 10 am

Earth stirs as the power of the sun returns to the northern hemisphere. Candles are lit to celebrate inspiration and truth.

Meeting online – contact [email protected]

Braziers Park Snowdrop Walk  tbc

We will catch the X39 bus (Thames Travel Reading to Oxford) at 10.15 from Reading. We will walk around the area for about 2 hours, have lunch (bring own food) and stop at Braziers Park for tea and home-made cake. We anticipate returning by the 15.10 bus.


Spring Equinox 21 March 10 am

Spring brings rainbows and fledglings are hatching out. Day and night equalise all over the planet balancing darkness with light.

Meeting online


Beltane Greening 2 May 10 am

Beltane is for magic, mystery and growing things. We celebrate zest for life as nature is rampant in a rush of blossom and greenery.

Meeting on-line


Summer Solstice 20 June 10 am

Ancient stone circles aligned to the solstice sunrise celebrate the turning of the cosmic wheel. Nature is in all her floral finery.

Meeting on-line tbc

Riverside Tree Walk tbc

Meet at Thames Lido near Caversham Lock where we will observe social distancing, breaking into 2 groups as necessary. We will follow the Reading Tree Warden Riverside Walk (approx 2 hours including a break for refreshment)

Contact [email protected]


Lammas Harvest 1 August

We celebrate the season of harvest and the coming of autumn. First fruits ripen, first nuts are falling, first bread is baked.

Meeting at Michael’s home tbc ~ contact Debbie


Autumn Equinox 19 September

As the sun enters Libra day and night are once more in balance all over the planet. We give thanks for the year’s abundance.

Meeting at Lyndsey’s home tbc~ contact Debbie


Samhain Stillness 31 October

Leaves are falling, birds are migrating, animals are going into hibernation, frosts are coming. We affirm rebirth amidst death, decay and darkness.

Meeting at Debbie’s home tbc


Winter Solstice 19 December

The Earth has withdrawn deep within herself for the festival of the longest night. The wheel of the year ends and begins.

Meeting at Hester’s home tbc ~ contact Debbie


Grace Blindell:  The Via Trasformativa

The awareness of our total dependence upon our planet and our interconnectedness will transform us from detached observers to participants…..Active, responsible, compassionate and involved.