To keep your page up-to-date, you will need to go to  and log in with the details given to you by the administrator. You may first have to put in a username and password to prove that you are not a robot, then your own username and password.


I have found that some browsers do not always work (I’ve had trouble recently with Chrome, I have problems with Safari as well.)

Try using Internet Explorer or Firefox if Chrome does not work for you.

Once logged in you should find you are on the Dashboard.

Click on Pages (left hand column) and  find your own local group page, click Edit.  






If you want to add pictures click on the Add Media button (above the writing pane) and you might need to Upload Files so click on that tab and then Select Files. Navigate to where your pictures are saved on your computer/tablet and select the ones you want. (If you want more than one keep the Ctrl button pressed as you select the pictures and) then click Open and they will load to your Media Library. Then you can select them and click on Insert into Page