Shamanic Body Prayer

All of creation      raise arms wide looking up

Feeds my soul      hands on heart

And the sun    raise arms looking towards the sun

And the rain     lower arms fingers fluttering as rainfall

Feed my soul     as above

And every leaf     fingers of right hand unfurling as arm is raised

Of every tree      repeat leaf and branch gesture to the left

Feeds my soul     as above

And all of the creatures of the earth    simulate four-legged motion

And of the air     simulate flight

And of the water    simulate movement through water

Feed my soul    as above

And all of the people     gesture with right hand in an arc to your right

That I meet     gesture with left hand in an arc to your left

Feed my soul     as above

And make me strong     strong arm gesture

And wise     hands together in prayer gesture


Footnote: safe touch – as in the hands on heart gesture – fast-tracks the release of oxytocin. This is the neuro transmitter of the ‘calm and connect’ response. Oxytocin is the neurochemical basis of the felt sense of safety, trust, connection and belonging. The ‘All of creation’ gesture with arms raised is the chi kung posture known as ‘heaven rushing in’.