Reviewed by Piers Warren.


Nature Connectedness course


This short, online course is provided by the University of Derby via the portal Future Learn. The course itself is free (or you can choose to pay £32 for a certificate if you wish) and is offered over 4 weeks with an average of just 2 hours per week suggested.

Future Learn are an excellent source of interesting courses, I must have completed around 30 of them over the last few years (mostly science-based but a few more arty ones as well). The courses themselves are created and provided by universities from all over the world and represent the very latest research and findings in the various disciplines.

You can take the course at your own pace – the suggestion is to study maybe 40 minutes per day for the 4 weeks, but you could do the whole thing in just 2 days if you wished. Part of the benefit though is interaction with other students (and tutors) so taking it slowly is a good idea. Each lesson will consist of text and occasional videos.

This particular course is for anyone with an interest in Nature who wants to improve their own connectedness with Nature or help other improve theirs. It includes many scientific studies into how Nature connectedness can be beneficial to both people and Nature, and along the way there are many external links for those who wish to study various aspects of the subject in more detail.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it very useful. We all know that Nature must be good for us but to have all the science back up for this was very interesting.  Interacting with other course participants, from all over the world, was particularly beneficial. Highly recommended.