Reviewed by Ian Mowll.



I’ve seen Martha Tilston sing at festivals; she sings of love, life, our beautiful world, of our need to make changes in our society and more. There is a real poetry in her lyrics which are idealistic at times but also soulful and real – dealing with the rawness of our human experiences. And she carries this off so well with her beautiful voice.

Whilst the basic plot of this film is fairly simple (a burnt out lawyer falls in love with a chaotic singer), the story is told with humour, understanding and with the occasional unexpected twist and turn.

Through the film, imagination is honoured as a way of freeing people from the drudgery of the capitalist monster which can suck the life-blood out of good people.

The film culminates with an invitation to accept the great mystery of life which brings with it hope for unexpected transformation, both for the individual and for wider society.

This is a wonderful film full of humour, imagination and hope.