We are a network of people who practise loving our living planet.


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GreenSpirit Book Series

GreenSpirit has a printed and eBook series of titles that are sold at cost-price only. Smashwords eBook editions of titles in the series are free for GreenSpirit members.

Find out more or go to our GreenSpirit Book Series Facebook page.

Local GreenSpirit Groups

Find out more about our local groups who help to ground the GreenSpirit vision in local communities.

Green Action Toolkit

A series of articles (published in GreenSpirit magazine) that look at a selection of practical and achievable things you can do to reduce your impact on planet Earth.

When new articles are published, they will be posted on the Green Action Toolkit page.

 GreenSpirit Calendar

Wonderfully printed on recycled stock by one of the greenest printers in the UK, the GreenSpirit Calendar includes beautiful photographs and inspirational quotations for each month.

Find out more about the GreenSpirit Calendar.

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