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Leaving a Gift to GreenSpirit in your Will

Main photo © Dudarev Mikhail/Shutterstock.com

Rest a moment and see the wonders of creation and reflect on our short time on this Earth.

By leaving a gift in your will to GreenSpirit, you will help more people to connect with the wonders of creation and encourage many others to live in right relationship with the Earth.

GreenSpirit inspires people to live their lives to benefit all living beings on the Earth – our home. Your legacy can help to inspire many more.

Three people have already helped the planet by leaving GreenSpirit a legacy:

* Michael Colebrook gave a legacy for Universe Story Walks
* John Bonnell gave a legacy to underpin GreenSpirit’s work – giving GreenSpirit a stronger foundation for its work
* Regan von Schweitzer gave a legacy to boost GreenSpirit’s work

Join these people with your gift and together, we can make a better world.

Leaving a Gift in Your Will

There are 2 main ways of giving through your Will:

* A residuary gift or share of your estate: for instance 10% of the value of your estate after all other gifts and payments have been made (residue).
* A pecuniary gift means a specific sum of money.

The website: www.rememberacharity.org.uk gives a lot of useful information about leaving gifts through your Will. It also has a useful search tool to find a solicitor near you.

The information you will need for your Will is:

Charity Name: The Association for Creation Spirituality. (This is the legal title of GreenSpirit)
Charity Address: 137 Ham Park Road, Forest Gate, London. E7 9LE
Charity Number: 1045532

Any Questions?

Contact Ian Mowll on tel: 020 8552 2096 email: contact@greenspirit.org.uk