Books – Significant Titles



GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness 

Edited by Marian Van Eyk McCain

GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness has been described as ‘the definitive guide to green spirituality’, and features contributions from twenty-nine inspirational writers, including Matthew Fox, Brian Swimme, Satish Kumar, Emma Restall Orr, David Korten and Neil Douglas-Klotz.

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The Universe Story in Science and Myth – title No. 3 in the low-cost GreenSpirit Book Series

By Greg Morter and Niamh Brennan

Everyone has a life story. Cultures too have stories about how the world and its creatures came into being. We call those ‘mere myths’ but had nothing to put in their place until science gave us the contemporary story of our Universe. This book retells that awesome story, the span of which covers billions of years of evolution, and considers its implications for the future development of human consciousness.

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Meditations with Thomas Berry: With additional material by Brian Swimme

Selected by June Raymond

Selected and arranged by June Raymond, especially for GreenSpirit Books, this is a collection of profound and inspiring quotations from one of the most important voices of our times, the late Thomas Berry, author, theologian, cultural historian and lover of the Earth.

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