Like other organisations we are hoping for in-person events this year but also continuing to hold our online events as we have found them to be an opportunity to make new friends and contacts from the UK and beyond. It is great to meet with and feel part of a world-wide  group of people who love and cherish our planet and all her creatures.

IN-PERSON events:

We are hoping to have a  walking retreat again in 2022 but this hasn’t been organised yet. Details will be posted as soon as anything is finalised.

Snowdonia Retreat August 2022 (exact dates to be posted soon)

A few days in glorious Snowdonia, Wales at the wonderful retreat centre Cae Mabon with its eco-structures in an Oak wood beside a rushing stream and lake.
We will have (plant-based) evening meals cooked for us and we expect that participants will want to fully engage with activities so that we can share at soul level; and embody our connection with each other, the spirits of the land, and the elements.
We will continue the practice of living together as community for the week, but will have a more structured programme, exploring our relationship with the land, the sky, the fire and river/lake and the liminal places and times where these worlds meet.
Our programme may include some pair work, writing/journaling, exercise (yoga/chi gung or body prayer), maybe finding our own spots in (and as) nature, vision questing, circle dancing, silence, dreamwork, storytelling, meditation, myth making, singing, crafting, drumming and ritual or ceremony.
If the skies are clear, we may see the Perseid meteor shower and the Milky Way.
The Wild Week is communal, and it relies on everyone participating and offering each other mutual support. The accommodation is shared and in eco-structures with basic bedding. The Wild Week takes place in a wild, wooded, and rocky landscape with considerable inclines and away from major medical facilities. Therefore, the week is not suitable for all. If you have any medical or mobility issues, you must declare these in advance and further details will be requested before your booking can be accepted. If you book for this event, you acknowledge that you accept responsibility for yourself, your own well-being and personal care and that you have considered the issues carefully.
We will be taking any precautions that are still required regarding Covid.


Our Annual Gathering Conference…

will be held at Holland House in Worcestershire; save the dates October 14th-16th 2022.

Speakers and workshops are still to be arranged.


ONLINE Meetings:

(For events on Zoom,  links are on the GreenSpirit Facebook Page) All time below are UK times.

ANAM CARA  Mondays 7 pm (not bank holidays) on Zoom

A gathering of souls who sense they are on a journey; for companionship and support.
We begin the session with a check-in and the creation of sacred space, (with meditation, a reading or silence). Then, maybe with the help of some questions, we will share from our hearts and witness the sharing of others. Drop in if you wish 🙂 Contact Hilary for zoom details hnorton(at) or look on the GreenSpirit Facebook page.



Welcome to the Light!   January 31st at 7pm on Zoom
Imbolc, also known as Candlemas, marks the middle of Winter and holds the promise of Spring.
The days are suddenly getting longer. At this time of the returning of the light, our ancestors lit bonfires and candles to celebrate the rebirth of the land. We look forward to warmth and new life.
We will celebrate Imbolc by lighting candles to represent our intentions and desires for the coming year, and with offerings to Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of our hearths and other fires.
This celebration will support us to look inward and reflect on anything we want to leave behind as the spring approaches. It will also support us to plan how to direct our energy in the months to come.
Please bring any readings, songs, seasonal foliage, and a candle. You might want a pen and some paper upon which to write.



Spring Equinox Celebration

March 21st at 7pm on Zoom

Just as night and day are connected through dawn and dusk, so both halves of our year are linked by the equinoxes

They are moments for centering ourselves between our own light and darkness, understanding joy and grief, happiness and sadness as two sides of our experiences, intrinsically woven within us and through our journey in this life. This time at the beginning of spring is a powerful time to examine balance in our own lives. Where do I feel balanced? Where do I  feel out of balance? The spiritual journey of the Spring Equinox is one of discovering balance on all levels. With gratitude for rain showers and warming sun, blossom and shoots on trees, colourful flowers, spring lambs, nesting birds, fragrant shrubs, we meet together to make sacred and special that which we expect every year but always delight in.


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